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Am I completing My Soul Contract In This Lifetime?

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Am I completing my soul contract in this lifetime and if not, can you please share how I can be doing this?

Namaste Jenny and thank you for your question!

Clearing soul contracts with others can be very painful or joyful. It really depends how we look at things. It’s like a death. Appreciate each soul that enters your life and be grateful for the time shared and the lessons learned. As I look into your souls collective consciousness, I see that you want to be finished clearing any and all karma in this life time as you do not want to come back to do it again. I hear completion. Because you are a very old soul, you have had many hard lessons to learn. Your energy takes me back into one of your past lives where you were a witch and would put spells on others to get your way, therefore you have had a few bumps. As I call it in this lifetime “clearing.” You would cast love spells (lol), and could also cast spells that were not so good. You knew deep in your heart certain relationships were complete but hung in there to confirm it as long as you could. Bravo!

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Have I Met My Soul Mate?

d ng h u CCjgYjUudxE unsplashWhile on a solo travel journey around the world, I met someone I felt a strong soulmate connection with, and that feeling has never left me since. We’ve been in contact on and off for the past four years, but he lives in Europe and I live in the US. We recently saw each other again and have decided to take our relationship to the next level. In my heart I feel like this is my life partner and soul mate, but the logistics of how to make it work are a big challenge. How do I know I’m making the right decision?

Namaste Jane and thank you for your question.

What I keep hearing is “follow your heart, it knows the way.” You are a brave woman who does not hold back. You are one to follow life with flow. Listen to the calling of your soul and let any and all fears go. When you live in soul and not ego, it will liberate your heart and soul which will bring you closer to truth. Your soul’s energy shows me a “goddess warrior spirit’ who lives life to the fullest.

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How Can I Attract The Right Partner?

christiana rivers 3 mQjo4Vb6A unsplashHow can I attract the right partner? And, What is the next step in my souls evolution?

Hello Michelle and thank you for your questions.

In order to attract the right partner, you must know who you are before considering having a partner. If not, you will attract the wrong partner then wonder why and how this happened. It’s the law of attraction and karma. When you meet someone who you have chemistry with, get to really know this person. Take your time before jumping in intimately. Ask yourself, “what type of relationship do I truly want? What qualities am I looking for in a partner?” Some people rush in with blind folds and pay the price karmically and suffer greatly.

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Is There A hidden Belief Coming To The Surface I Am Unaware Of?

jake melara 4JPbGzpSnZs unsplashLately I have been having this fuzzy feeling in my head. More recently that feeling morphed into tingles, almost like when your foot falls asleep. I have undergone some huge life changes recently - I quit a more than 10 year career that was emotionally exhausting me and at the same time made a physical move, too, a few hours away. I believe that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are directly related to our physical health. So, I am wondering if my physical discomfort has something to do with all these changes or if there is a hidden belief coming to the surface I am unaware of. Maybe something else? I am open to exploring all options. Thank you for any thoughts or reflections you may have.

Namaste Taylor,

I do have some concerns with what has transpired with your situation. However, there are reasons why this has come up for you. First, you have gone through a transformation - clearing the old to embrace the new and there is energy stuck within your energy field that needs to be detoxed. I see a few heavy toxins and bacteria within your cellular body due to being over stimulated mentally which effects your nervous system, brain tissue and neurotoxins that crosses wires energetically. This stems from a previous lifetime which you wanted to bring forth in this lifetime to heal.

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What Are The Blocks To My Bringing In More Abundance?

nadi whatisdelirium 3VTZloIMFP0 unsplashWhat are the blocks to my bringing in more abundance?

Namaste April and thank you for your question!

Firstly, never say that you have blocks and never own that word as you will energetically create it more. You may have been around others who say you have blocks which then puts that thought form into your subconscious to create unbalance. The reason I am saying this to you is you are a very old witchy soul who has used fairy and shamanic magic to heal many others with extraordinary healing abilities. Because you are very sensitive you pick up energy on many which if not careful will vibrationally create delays in your energy field. The minute you are around anyone who is negative that energy goes throughout your entire body which does effect the frequency and wires get crossed.

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I Am A Little Lost And Would Love Your Guidance!

trent szmolnik oOf9Zn qs unsplashThank you for your loving offer...as always, I am so grateful for your time and love!

I am someone that has an entrepreneurial spirit. I have gained valuable administrative, marketing, and design skills. I always try to learn and grow. At this point, however, I feel like I am a little lost. I have a full-time job that is paying the bills, but it has been almost 2 years now and I have no idea if my pay will ever increase here? Anyway, a friend named David has an opportunity for me to do an online marketing job...providing financial services to people, whether it be car finances, personal or business loans, or debt consolidation. Essentially, I would be finding leads through marketing. I know if it is successful with him, my potential to earn is fantastic. I am just nervous about how to add this? Do I leave my current job and do that even though it would be straight commission? Ahhh...I’m lost!

Thank you, Jeni! Big hugs!

Hello, Michelle! Thank you for your question.

What I am seeing all around you is travel, water, and also a possibility for you to move and travel abroad. I see the number four. You are very open to flexibility and can work anywhere. You very well could go on a vacation and fall in love with the place, want to move there, and make it work somehow. It could be that your partner gets work outside of the country and you are able to go with him and work online with your own business. I keep seeing water.


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