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Hello fellow Explorers!!

I'm excited to share this journey with you and I'm committed to helping you along the way.

Currently I am offering 4 primary services: Soul Readings,  Animal CommunicationsPast Life/Akashic Records Readings and Home Clearings. Below is s quick summary of these personal and intimate offerings. If you'd like more detail please see the individual pages for more information.

Soul Reading

dreamstime 25Soul Readings are done differently then having a psychic reading for many reasons. If we attach to what anyone is telling us, we will not move forward with anything because we are to attached to what they are saying. My soul readings are from the ascended master of Christ consciousness through the esoteric Tibetan teacher Djwhal Khul,the ageless wisdom teachings. I combine what I see coming up for you in all areas in your life in body, mind and spirit on the higher vibrational mental plane and read into your Aura. Each one of us has some sort of unique gift, the ability to see etc if we really tune into what our soul is telling us. I give you clarity on all questions you may have.

Animal Communications

dreamstime 25Animal communication is a gift I hold dear in my heart & soul. I’ve had the gift for many years & have rescued a lot of animals. I have either kept them, healed them or found them the right homes with people who I know after healing them. Dog spelled backwards is god after all. They come to us with unconditional love, compassion & messages.

My communication with the animal kingdom started back in 2002 when I was having medical issues. I went to my doctor and he said I needed to have a hysterectomy. I left his office devastated and came home in tears. For a few days I kept having ravens fly over my balcony and they started following me when I was walking. I was standing on my balcony and asked spirit “ please tell me what to do “.Within minutes the ravens appeared and said “go to acupuncture” & they explained why this was happening to me and I knew intuitively they were right. It made perfect sense why I had this issue. I could not believe how clear I could hear their soul speak telepathically. From that day on I started acupuncture & paid attention to the messages from the animal kingdom. I went to my doctor a month later & told him I was healed. He could not believe it.

Past Life/Akashic Records Reading

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In Sanskrit words it represents "Karma. Well it's all the same thing just written differently in esoteric tongue that's all. It is a voyage of discovery into your soul's previous incarnations. We choose who we come back as in every life time, either as a male or female to help resolve issues that our soul needs to resolve in order to clear past life karmic issues that are still lingering within our soul in order for our soul to evolve stronger within our spiritual being. The more we understand who we were in our previous incarnations, the better it is to help us come to terms with many things that are still going on with our present life including our emotional,physical,mental & spiritual energetic self. We carry our vibrational energy forth from our cellular memories. Cellular memory carries forward all of our experiences in our souls previous life times.

Home Clearings

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Well house clearings are to clear any unwanted spirits that are still lingering here on the earth plane who are still struggling to go to the light, to god etc. Some spirits do not even realize they have passed on so they get stuck in the astral plane. They still feel that the house they are in is still their house so when you move in, they think you are invading their space and their home. Some spirits even think that they are still alive and you are the ghost, so they need help crossing over to the other side. If you do feel a presence in your environment don't have any fear because the spirit will pick up on your fear and can at times use it against you.

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