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dreamstime 26Animal communication is a gift I hold dear in my heart & soul. I’ve had the gift for many years & have rescued a lot of animals. I have either kept them, healed them or found them the right homes with people who I know after healing them. Dog spelled backwards is god after all. They come to us with unconditional love, compassion & messages.

My communication with the animal kingdom started back in 2002 when I was having medical issues. I went to my doctor and he said I needed to have a hysterectomy. I left his office devastated and came home in tears. For a few days I kept having ravens fly over my balcony and they started following me when I was walking. I was standing on my balcony and asked spirit “ please tell me what to do “.Within minutes the ravens appeared and said “go to acupuncture” & they explained why this was happening to me and I knew intuitively they were right. It made perfect sense why I had this issue. I could not believe how clear I could hear their soul speak telepathically. From that day on I started acupuncture & paid attention to the messages from the animal kingdom. I went to my doctor a month later & told him I was healed. He could not believe it.

mac irelandI moved to Ireland in 2010 & knew I would be getting an Irish wolfhound. I heard from spirit his name would be MacTavish a year before I even moved. I had a huge sign from spirit it was divine timing and instantly found a breeder who had 2 wolfhounds left. I knew right away which one was MacTavish. I stayed for a while at the breeder’s house because I knew the other wolfhound was ill & was debating what to do. I wanted to heal him. How ever I could only choose one & picked MacTavish. He sat on my lap all the way home after a 3-hour journey on the road from west Ireland to Northern Ireland. The minute I got out of the car, I started walking again & felt no pain in my feet. I was not able to walk for almost a year due to an injury & thought hmm how interesting is this? I also had that sad feeling he would not be with me for long.

mac and jeni9 months later, I moved back to Canada & within 3 years MacTavish got sick. He was trying to get my attention by looking deeply into my eyes & said “I can do more for you when I’m gone.” I was doing my best to ignore his message because I knew what he was saying. I could not handle it. He was such a profound healer. I asked spirit that night to give me a huge sign what I should do and the next morning he collapsed outside. It was pouring rain & I called my friend for help as I had informed him a while ago that MacTavish was starting to deteriorate and how I may need him. I laid down beside MacTavish & put a blanket over him until my friend arrived to help me carry MacTavish to my van so I could take him to the vet & gave my friend time to say goodbye to him. I went to the vet on my own. My friend called them ahead of time to let them know I was on my way. I asked spirit to please give me the strength as I could not say goodbye. MacTavish was my furry soulmate & had saved my life in so many ways. The second MacTavish left his body, I felt his soul go right through me & then started vomiting from emotional pain.

I had no sleep that night & went to the park in the morning, it was a sunny day with no clouds. A unique cloud started to form & out of no where MacTavish jumps out of the cloud and starts running freely towards me. I was stunned & in disbelief. I then felt a nudge on my back and turned around as I thought an animal came up to me and no one was there. I knew it was him. Since then he opened me up to the higher cosmic dimensions of the animal kingdom in so many profound ways, I cannot even begin to express my love & gratitude to him. Pay attention to any smells, sounds, touch etc. Our animals show us signs in many ways.

lionI normally go to the zoo around August 24 which was MacTavish birthday to chat with the animals in his honour. During August 2017 I had a conversation with a lion. His message was blunt & to the point. He said the animal kingdom is fed up & angry with the poachers & abusers. They are now taking their power back. I felt emptiness & yet compassion in his soul and heard him loudly say “We’ve had enough! The lion also told me he is fed up of being in the zoo and shuts off the world when people visit. They tolerate staff by being patient as best as they can. We locked eyes with each other. Our heart & soul connected so deeply at that moment. I held back tears of gratitude, put my hand over my heart & thanked him for his message and promised him I would get his message out. Since then, many worldwide stories have come forth with news of people getting hurt & attacked from the wild animals. They are taking their power back. I stand with them in unity & grace.

nakita 1Animals are extremely sensitive, intuitive & very tuned with a high frequency to hear & smell things that humans do not have the capability to do. They smell sickness in a human & instinctively know when something is going to happen to you etc. For instance, sometimes when an animal is acting a certain way & you notice their behaviour is not normal, the first thing you should do is look at what vibrational frequency of energy your sending out to the universe etc. What are they trying to show you? Reflect on the current events that are going on in your life etc. They could be showing you that they do not trust someone as well. Our animals show us many signs instinctively with symbology . When my rescue Nakita was sick she would start walking towards the vet as I was in walking distance from them. Pay attention to your intuition & seek any medical attention etc. especially when you are not sure. I get asked do animals have emotions. Yes, they do. They can read you like a book. When my vet called & confirmed that my rescue Nakita was diagnosed with cancer, I started crying and that was the first time I saw tears coming out of Nakita’s eyes & she said “I’m sorry” mom. She wanted me to spend more time with MacTavish my Irish wolfhound as she knew his time was soon coming to an end and he was not even 3 yet. She stayed with me until almost a year after MacTavish passed away on May 29, 2014 as I needed her. Nakita passed away on June 23, 2015 & was known as “the wee white doggie” in Ireland.

mac and nakitaWhen I tune into animals, it is done telepathically in spirit & or in their physical form. I read their level of consciousness, their vibrational frequency, scan their body & look back into their akashic past life records. Telepathic communication is reading their energy, thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, & what their message is. Animals come back & reincarnate just like humans do. Sometimes when they pass on at an early age their message can be more profound just like a human when they pass on at an incredibly early age depending on what their animal soul kingdom/human soul group has approved etc. Sometimes an animal who has never been a human will come to earth for a short time just to know what its like being a human etc. When MacTavish passed away at only 3.5 years old, he came to me & told me he was here to heal & protect me and to also help me move back to Canada from Ireland. He knew he was leaving when I was settled more. He also said he can do more for me, teach me & show me more from spirit. Know that MacTavish is with me during my sessions and at times Nakita. MacTavish tends to give profound physical signs to let everyone know he is with us.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken” author Anatole France.

My sessions are done in person, skype, zoom, face time, messenger, WhatsApp, viber or phone. I also house & pet sit & can stay at your home when you are away looking after & spoiling your animals with unconditional love. If you are interested, please send me an email for details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sending many blessings of peace, unconditional love from our sacred animal kingdom.
Jeni Ji

Below are some testimonies from my clients :

Hey Jeni!

Thank you for meeting with my dog Sport, just over 8 months ago. When you walked up to our house and Sport came to the door, he didn't bark or get anxious as he usually does to meeting someone the first time. He relaxed right away and all through the time you were with us. His anxiety left especially when you told him that his family is OK. All his family is ok and his grandma is watching over him. He looked at you and listened to every word. When you asked about his brother and that I thought his brother had passed away, Sport looked up from sleeping and listened. He settled again. While I was talking about my cat Star who passed away, we heard a loud Meow! Sport heard it too and I felt.relaxed. She was with us in spirit.
It has been 8 months and he is just as relaxed as we were that same day. Even his dog walker that comes 2x a week asked me what Sport was doing differently as she noticed he was settled and relaxed. He didn't get anxious anymore. What a difference one visit with Sport made! Thank you so much! Sport and I cuddle a bit more and I look into his eyes and I know he hears me too. Sport is a happier dog and is so much easier to walk and be with. Others have said that my dog training must be working now because he is listening and following the methods. I haven't had him in any training for over a year. It has been because of him knowing that his family is ok. He needed to hear that. I appreciate it so much that you heard Sport and gave him reassurance.

Much love,

We hired Jeni to communicate with our newly adopted dog. Not only was she a huge help in better understanding his personality, but with further love and care, his potential. She was then able to answer some questions and concerns we had about our other dog-this was greatly appreciated! Thank you, Jeni, you truly are a blessing.

Tamara-Southern California

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to write a review for Jeni. For over 8 years she has been my spiritual advisor, animal communicator, and has become a dear friend. I first heard Jeni on an Intuitive Transformation Radio podcast on animal communication. At that time, I had a new pet rabbit. I wanted to learn more about him and see if he had anything, he wanted to communicate with me. Its as incredible how much Jeni could pick up from my sweet Bon Bon. She had him down to a T. Throughout his entire life, I relied on Jeni to check in with him with his difficult health problems up until his recent passing. I could not have gotten through that rough time without Jeni. Jeni has helped many of my friends and my sister as well during the passing of their pets. She is an absolute gem, and I will forever use her services with any future animal companions.

Aside from animal communication, Jeni has helped me immensely on a personal level. From heartaches and break ups, to career changes, and life transitions, Jeni has guided me through it all. She continues to help me see my soul’s true path through all my trials and tribulations. Whenever I find I am at an impasse in life, I call Jeni, and through her guidance I am renewed and ready to fight the good fight. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers. She is an absolute angel.
Melissa White -California

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