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About Jeni Cousins

jeni 1Jeni is an international known clairvoyant, an esoteric spiritual teacher, counsellor, past life akashic reader, intuitive life coach & medium. She has been called a "profound healer". Jeni also holds her Level 1 degree in Pranic Healing. Jeni hosts & produces her own TV show in Calgary at Shaw TV called "Soul Work"; live weekly on the Shaw TV Access Network Channel 10. Jeni books guests who are spiritually based on all levels and interviews them, then takes calls from the viewers to answer their questions weather its a question on a reading or a question on spirituality etc.Her work & reputation has given her the opportunity to be apart of other radio & TV shows such as "Wolf Spirit Radio" from Las Vegas Nevada & a TV show called "Conscious Evolution Media" on the Spiritual Evolution Channel from Denver Colorado. She is currently working with other media projects soon to be announced.

jeni 4Jeni knew from the age of 4 that she was a different person. She started having spiritual experiences & encounters with other spiritual beings & started to see & hear things that others could not see.  She kept everything to herself for many years. Then when she was 14 years of age, her abilities started to increase and she was not sure what was happening. She ran into her neighbour at the time who is a spiritual teacher and reader and he explained to her what was happening and things started to make more sense. This is when Jeni started her metaphysical studies on spirituality on all spiritual based subjects. Her first book was Esoteric Healing, Light Of the Soul & A Treatise Of White Magic by Alice Bailey & Master DK Djwhal Khul. Ever since then she has been to many seminars, workshops, had one-on-one sessions with worldwide known Gurus in order to come to terms with things. She's learned more of who she truly is and why she is here.

Jeni's spiritual work comes from the Holy Spirit & Christ Consciousness. Her readings & esoteric teachings  provide you with clarity on all issues in your life, includng past life karmic issues that need to be resolved in order for you to move forward. If you do not resolve issues, they will follow you and you will not ever clear it. Jeni reads into your soul's level of consciousness to help guide you in all areas in your life weather, its relationships, business, health, family, etc.

jeni puppyHer love & compassion towards humanity & animals is astounding. She has done charity work and has donated many things to rescue societies and/or people in need. She used to spend hours at all times of the night helping others. She will literally give you the shirt off her back. Because Jeni has had such a painful journey in this lifetime she does not want to see others go through what she's been through. Jeni knows how to walk away when others start to take advantage of her heart and/or generosity . She keeps many things to herself and knows what to look out for. She always has said, "If I can help one person per day, that person may indeed learn to help others and we can then send out powerful energy to manifest world peace to bring more love & compassion to yourself and towards others. It's very important to have compassion towards yourself and to love yourself before you can love another."

Jeni's goal is to help others find peace within their heart & soul. She is very genuine, honest, filled with humour, open and believes in truth. The truth shall set you free. She has no time for others who show any disrespect towards her or others. She will work with you on a profound level & can bring out your own spiritual abilities when your truly ready. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. She will help you awaken your intuition, 3rd eye, "The Eye of Shiva" also known as "The Ruby Eye Of The Serpent" in other esoteric terms.

jeni 3Jeni does meditations every day, the longer the better. She reflects back upon her day to see what lessons her soul has taught her. She believes that we must stay grounded emotionally or we'll get attached to circumstances and only see the illusions & glamour surrounding our current situation. That's when the fear starts to come in & we get lost and confused. She constantly informs everyone to spend good quality time alone in order to hear your soul speak... to hear your inner guru. Meditation will bring alignment to your spiritual, emotional, mental & physical bodies to build a path towards higher levels of consciousness & awareness by clearing out the minds clutter from your lower energies in order to achieve enlightenment and harmony within our auras to purify "The Light Of Your Soul". When your emotions are purified they develop into love & compassion towards yourself and others.

shaw tv 2You must surround yourself with people who are positive and treat you with respect. It does not matter if its a family member or friend, co-worker, etc. that you have to walk away from. It must be done regardless of the situation for many reasons. There is no need to start defending who you are and what your beliefs are. If someone cannot respect you for who you are, it's their issues, not yours! Stay true to yourself. Do not ever lower yourself for anyone or any situation just to please someone else. Jeni has learnt that the hard way and chooses to spend more time alone with her dogs then to surround herself with others if need be. She cannot see her own future but listens to her intuition to make the decisions that is best for her. She will ask spirit to give her a sign of what to do. We are all humans after all and we all make mistakes. Do not be hard on yourself. Learn from what you have learnt so you do not repeat it. If you have not learnt your lesson, you will keep repeating it until you've had enough and surrender to spirit.

"May God's Holy Light Shine Forth Upon Your Spirit & Soul"

Jeni Cousins was born on August 12, 1966 in Calgary, AB Canada. She grew up in Calgary and has lived in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Vancouver, BC & Northern Ireland. She has duo citizenship in Canada, Britain, United Kingdom & Northern Ireland.


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