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Soul Readings

dreamstime 29Clairvoyant esoteric readings, past life akashic records, intuitive life coach & medium combined all together with profound messages from spirit, your loved ones, pets, and those who have passed on. If they have a message for you, it will come through loud and clear. Your questions & concerns will be answered with clarity.  I elaborate with what I see coming up in all areas in your life. Ask me anything you want about yourself and or others. Recordings available with advance notice.

Cost: 60 minutes $160 | 30 minutes $90 | 15 minutes $45

Session Length

Past Life/Akashic Records Readings

dreamstime 32 A voyage of discovery into your soul's previous incarnations. We choose who we come back as in every lifetime to resolve soul issues and clear past life karmic issues that are still lingering. Our soul will evolve stronger. The more we understand who we were in our previous incarnations, the better it is to help us come to terms with many things still going on with our present life, including emotional, physical, mental & spiritual energetic self.

Cost: 60 minutes $160 | 30 minutes $90 | 15 minutes $45

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Home Clearings

dreamstime 31To clear your home from unwanted spirits who are still lingering here on the earth plane, struggling to go to the light. Some spirits do not even realize they have passed on so they get stuck in the astral plane. House & business clearings also clear out any negative energies that you may carry yourself and or anyone who has come into your environment with any negative energies.  All clearings include a clearing of yourself and anyone who is present who also wishes to be cleared.

Cost: $130

Email Transfers are welcomed. Please Contact me for information. Payment must be made up front. Absolutely no credit will be given. Please read the Disclaimer for more information.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice. If anyone does not show up for an appointment, you take the risk of not getting re-booked again. You can always re-schedule an appointment so have no worries but give Jeni the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice or longer. We suggest to book ahead of time in order to get the right time and date your looking for.

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