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What Are The Blocks To My Bringing In More Abundance?

nadi whatisdelirium 3VTZloIMFP0 unsplashWhat are the blocks to my bringing in more abundance?

Namaste April and thank you for your question!

Firstly, never say that you have blocks and never own that word as you will energetically create it more. You may have been around others who say you have blocks which then puts that thought form into your subconscious to create unbalance. The reason I am saying this to you is you are a very old witchy soul who has used fairy and shamanic magic to heal many others with extraordinary healing abilities. Because you are very sensitive you pick up energy on many which if not careful will vibrationally create delays in your energy field. The minute you are around anyone who is negative that energy goes throughout your entire body which does effect the frequency and wires get crossed.

Have you noticed how you do not want to be surrounded by others? And how your more drawn to animals? Don’t question yourself on your abilities as you have many gifts that you have not even tapped into yet especially with animals and if anything I see your healing work moving more towards animals than humans. Stay aligned with where your heart is taking you and put aside any fears about money. Financial worry will create fears which is from your ego and when we are in our ego we do not have clarity.

Every day I start my morning chanting positive mantras to create abundance to flow and I stay aligned in the essence of that moment. I open my arms and say “I am open to receive abundance of what is best for my higher self and highest purpose.” I say it a few times until I can feel the vibrational energy of source go throughout my entire body. When I feel the energy go through my body, I put my right hand which is the ego side of the brain to balance heart with soul and smile in gratitude then put my hands to prayer and say amen. Mantras activate vibration and higher frequency to transcend your thoughts with intention .Transcendance takes you deep within to hear your soul speak to give you messages.

We all can get stuck with ’where do I go, what do I do,’ and when that happens that’s when you surrender to the process of what is best for your highest self and purpose and do not try to force - when or how things will happen. The more you trust and have faith the more you will see results, that’s why I work with the energy of the Christ consciousness as it’s all about faith and trust while surrendering the outcome. When you try and force what will happen then that’s when the currents will go backwards and will not work, and things will get difficult and challenging. Your vibration is your frequency. Ponder on that. It’s important to come into a vibrational frequency with yourself. The more you reach out to others, you can start to get confused. The reason I am saying this to you is because of the abilities I see you have that you haven’t yet tapped into which is your cosmic destiny in divine timing. Stress causes delays and road blocks and fear comes through bringing illusions.

We all have karma to clear. Bless the process. Crisis is a blessing as life is starting to unfold. The old way is clearing to embrace the new. Be present and open yourself to awareness in expansion of much conscious blessings in gratitude. Spirit is calling you and so is the shaman energies that is very much around your energy field. Pay attention to the whales they are showing your past life karmic energy that you are clearing while the birds are showing you independence and magic. That is the shaman that is deep within you from Peru and the Amazon, much healing of plant medicine is within your gifts. Ponder on that as well. Very powerful.

There will be a medicine man coming into your future to help you in divine timing who will bring tears to your soul from your tribe, “with huge abundance to show you who you truly are in a profound way!” Surrender and do not attach to this and allow things to flow with much ease and grace. You will be clearing karmic energy. Stay aligned in the modality of gratitude and be grateful for this process. When you align you will ascend and transformation will flow with the totality of truth in your collective consciousness to give you clarity. You will see what a profound teacher you truly are!

Sending much love and light your way!

Namaste Jeni Ji

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