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Is There A hidden Belief Coming To The Surface I Am Unaware Of?

jake melara 4JPbGzpSnZs unsplashLately I have been having this fuzzy feeling in my head. More recently that feeling morphed into tingles, almost like when your foot falls asleep. I have undergone some huge life changes recently - I quit a more than 10 year career that was emotionally exhausting me and at the same time made a physical move, too, a few hours away. I believe that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are directly related to our physical health. So, I am wondering if my physical discomfort has something to do with all these changes or if there is a hidden belief coming to the surface I am unaware of. Maybe something else? I am open to exploring all options. Thank you for any thoughts or reflections you may have.

Namaste Taylor,

I do have some concerns with what has transpired with your situation. However, there are reasons why this has come up for you. First, you have gone through a transformation - clearing the old to embrace the new and there is energy stuck within your energy field that needs to be detoxed. I see a few heavy toxins and bacteria within your cellular body due to being over stimulated mentally which effects your nervous system, brain tissue and neurotoxins that crosses wires energetically. This stems from a previous lifetime which you wanted to bring forth in this lifetime to heal.

Because you are an old witchy soul you have danced around the cauldron throwing things in the fire like magic with a group of women. You all started chanting together around the full moon circling the cauldron. Take notice when the full moon is here. You will deeply connect with it’s energy. This is the time to cleanse the soul. Stay in mindful consciousness with the divinity of awareness. Peace is in you! Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

These cosmic energies for the past while have been very powerful and has shaken you up needless to say, especially this summertime with the vibrational cosmic changes with frequency. Soul has been giving you signs that it’s time to step up and no longer hold back. Communication is key for you. I suggest purchasing a crystal called Aqua Aura. It’s a blue crystal and can have some gold flecks in it. This crystal will help you “speak up” and not to hold back with your voice in a personal way. With this crystal being blue it draws you to the ocean/water which will also help release any stuck energy that you’re holding onto. Water represents emotions. Have you noticed how drawn you are to the water? Meditate and watch the flow of the waves. The flow of the waves will also confirm for you where your emotions are. If you have seen calm waves your emotions will be calmer. If you see rough waves look at your emotions. We all see things in our own perception of awareness and where our level of chitta/consciousness is at.

I recommend you have an ionic foot bath done right away. The water will change colors and the practitioner will be able to see what toxins you have in your body that need a detox. They will most likely suggest supplements. You do not need to spend a fortune on supplements. Make sure you body test each supplement that they want you to buy. One of the easiest ways to body test is to take each supplement bottle and hold it with your thumb on the bottom and middle finger on the top secure enough so it does not fall. Then with your other hand gently pull it away. If it pulls away quickly you don’t need that supplement and if you have more of a tight grip on it, then that’s the supplement you need. Blue Green Algae is very beneficial to you right now and also celery juice. Sulfates are causing a stir so please look at labels and stay away as I feel that in your energy.

By making these small changes you will start to feel better. Step into the flow of divine wholeness one step and day at a time staying in the now knowing that your body is healing. Surrender the outcome to spirit, stop over thinking and processing and watch how things will come into alignment. Feel the vibration of prayers being answered.

There is a new business venture on the horizon, and it is all indivine timing. There are travels to where your heart and soul will guide you. The grace of the ocean will carry you home. You do not need to please everyone! You are very gifted and talented. I see a lot of color around you. Watch out for the butterflies and transcend into transformation. You’ve got this!

With love & light

Jeni Ji

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