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Motherhood And Next Steps?

simon rae 438771 unsplashI've worked my entire life (sometimes 3 to 4 jobs at a time) and now find myself in a new role as a stay-at-home mom. I love my time with my baby, but I feel there is something out there for me to focus on besides motherhood. I 100% don't want to go back to any job I was working at previously, so I struggle with finding a passion that takes me away from my baby.

I journal and meditate trying to find what to do next but nothing has come to me. Can you help me with finding my next move? Or at least a path?

Namaste and thank you for your question Chloe!

It is interesting as the first thing I felt and saw with your energy is the color blue with a lot of bear energy. The energy of the bear is very strong, wanting you to confront the ancient teachings of the wisdom of your soul and tune into your instincts, the ‘eye of Shiva.’ You have a lot of “witchy” energy to say the least. I also hear the bear say ‘peek a boo.’ He will come out when you least expect his presence.

He had made his presence known to you a while back, can remember in a profound way? He showed you not to fear. Ponder on that. His message is: not to fear in adapting to the new. Get ready to embrace your sacred qualities of the gifts you hold within. He will bring strength and show you your gifts that you have not yet fully tapped into. Your hands and heart radiate a lot of healing light! “The hands of healing,” with the Midas touch is what I hear. You are very playful, passionate, idealistic, honest, enthusiastic with a lot of fire energy in you.

Take extra care of your hip and thigh area!

Reflect back as it has all been about nature, getting in touch with the beauty and gifts Mother Gaia has shown you. The modality of healing, reiki, pranic healing, touch, or massage — using natural essential oils is where I see your energy going. I see study books, self employment, being independent, working for yourself and also being apart of a spa atmosphere. Wether it is in your home or working in a spa environment, it is all about healing. Your a great teacher and within the next two years (or sooner) you will feel more in your element with your new work.

The more you try to force your passions, the harder it will be to see any clarity. Since you’re a old soul it will be harder on you during the full moon and will be intense energy times. You will also get drawn into learning more esoteric studies, which will bring you back to previous lifetimes of knowing and feeling once you surrender the process of control.

You are gifted with animals and can connect with them in a deep way. Animals love you, have you noticed that? That’s why the bear comes through with his power to trust your instincts for an awakening which is and has been happening. I hear and see the initial “B” coming through and being shown they have a big influence over you with a strong bond?

It’s important to follow your passions because you will learn more about who you are and also find your purpose with trust. That’s the instinct of the bear. Let go of things where there is no growth to transcend. Reflect back upon this past month as soul has been brought forth and will bring forth issues that need to be healed. Your nervous system may feel a bit off, drink more water during the process to tame the fire energy within. Communication can be off a bit this week, let it go. If you are trying to force anything you will see that it is not what you thought you truly wanted. Pay attention to the universal presence of your soul and keep journaling and meditating!

Sending much love, light, and clarity your way,

Jeni Ji

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