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Am I completing My Soul Contract In This Lifetime?

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Am I completing my soul contract in this lifetime and if not, can you please share how I can be doing this?

Namaste Jenny and thank you for your question!

Clearing soul contracts with others can be very painful or joyful. It really depends how we look at things. It’s like a death. Appreciate each soul that enters your life and be grateful for the time shared and the lessons learned. As I look into your souls collective consciousness, I see that you want to be finished clearing any and all karma in this life time as you do not want to come back to do it again. I hear completion. Because you are a very old soul, you have had many hard lessons to learn. Your energy takes me back into one of your past lives where you were a witch and would put spells on others to get your way, therefore you have had a few bumps. As I call it in this lifetime “clearing.” You would cast love spells (lol), and could also cast spells that were not so good. You knew deep in your heart certain relationships were complete but hung in there to confirm it as long as you could. Bravo!

You will know when you have cleared karma and soul contracts with others when you are at peace within. You will literally feel much lighter knowing you have said and done the right thing by the way it feels. You do not need to physically see that person either. You can send them a message, even if they have passed away, they will still hear you. As long as the message gets sent that’s all that matters. If they are physically still here, then make sure you either see them in person or at least send them a message. You can also write them a letter if they have passed on. Write down everything you want to say to them, even if it’s 100 pages and go outside and burn it. Fire is transmutation, transformation and rebirth.

When you are clearing karma, it doesn’t matter what the other person say, as long as you are speaking your truth with integrity from within your soul. It is up to the other person to acknowledged endings and accept it, not yours. It makes no difference if it’s family, romantic, friendship or business. Some think they are clear of karma when it is the furthest thing from the truth. No one can run from karma, it always catches up with us in this lifetime — or next, so clearing karmic energy and soul contracts is very important. What energy you send out and do to others will vibrationally come back to you.

Here is an example of how to clear karmic soul contracts. I have not had a relationship with my family for many years, including with my mother. I knew I had to jump in the fire when she was sick and heal my relationship with everyone in my family in order for me heal and clear the karma regardless of how painful it was. That is exactly what I did. The only way out, is going in. It truly liberated my heart and soul. I knew I did everything for my mom and when she does pass, I will feel at peace knowing I cleared the karma with her and everyone in my family. It was a true blessing and a gift.

From what I see with your energy, you are doing a great job! You are an old gifted shaman soul with many abilities yet to come forth. It is up to you what direction you now want to move towards. Stay in the very essence of the now and embrace these powerful energies! I know you like your quiet time. It is vitally important to meditate and reflect. I see you letting go more, which is very healing as it is releasing energy that is complete. You can always send out healing energy to anyone you have ended your soul contract with and wish them the best energetically and then thank soul for the lessons learned.

Next year (2020) will indeed be an interesting year for you! When you are walking along the water, pay attention and be open to hear mother nature whisper to you. You very well could stumble across something profound. Pick it up and read the energy, it will talk to you. That is the old shaman within your being coming forth. I am hearing the drums.

I feel a motherly energy around you in spirit opening her arms and holding you. Hold your crystal in your hands in prayer hand pose and touch your forehead while staying aligned in silence and surrender. I hear and see old ancestors gathering around you and clearing your energy field, which will bring tears to your eyes. They are there to assist and release the cellular fragments of old stuck imprints and conditions that you have held in your heart. I hear them chanting and gathered all around your energy field. They may even come to you in your dreams instead, ask and you shall see.

Open your eyes to the magnificent powerful birds above you on your walks, with their messages to guide you. Watch the direction they are going. A medicine man shaman energy will soon be coming! A new chapter opens. Old ancestors are calling you. Change is in the air! Follow your heart! It will guide you home.

With love & light,

Jeni Ji

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