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What Is The Best Way To Deal With Unconscious People?

austin neill 130037 unsplashIn your experience, what is the best way to deal with insensible people on a day-to-day basis? There are days when I find this very taxing. There are times when I don't even wish to attend social events. Any advice you could give would be appreciated.

Namaste. Thank you for your question, John.

As I read into your energy, the reason why you are not wanting to be around other energies is because you are evolving into a higher level of consciousness and transforming the old self while transcending into the new. For some time now, your soul has been calling you to reflect upon your journey. You will find that certain friends, family, and business connections you have do not feel right anymore, and this can cause you to feel alone. Look back on the past two years. Look at where you were, who you were hanging out with, and how far you have come in your evolutionary process.

Indeed, it has become “The Dark Knight Of The Soul” of transmutation. You will not connect with others in the same way you did before. This is normal, and tears will flow with these changes. You will find that you are wanting more alone time. Your energy is more sensitive to worldly events, and it’s bothering you; this is why you connect more with animals than with humans.

It is very important to distance yourself from any drama, as being around negative energy will only attract more of it. Because you are more sensitive, you will find it difficult to be around anyone. As you align yourself with your higher consciousness, you will attract that energy to you. Your old friends may feel that you have walked away from them. Just remember that you are not saying that you are better than they are; you are merely on a different path now. Others may not understand, as they are not on your level of cosmic frequency. There is no need to defend who you are or why you have made the decisions you have made. We each have our own journey to go through. Stay aligned within the light of your soul to hear your soul speak. Confusion will come forth and you will question whether you are on the right path. The answer is clearly yes. You are picking up on others’ energy, and it is bothering you because you are frustrated with why they don’t see and feel what you feel. Please do not judge anyone because the number one law of the universe is do not judge others.

I do see and feel that you are a man who is connected to the film industry, and I do understand what it is like when it comes to attending social events. What you must do is read into the energy of why you have to be there, and then look within to see if you really need to attend. I have turned down many invitations and media events for many reasons. We all must go to certain business events, but we do not have to socialize or get to know certain energies personally.

You cannot judge insensible people because we all have our own journey. Negative thoughts will only take your power away from you. Make conscious choices with an understanding of how and why each situation arises. It’s called the Law of Attraction. Ask yourself, how did I attract this? Energy is energy. You attract who you are.

Listen to your heart and soul. Detach from any outcomes, and surrender to the process. Do not put your focus on one thing, and do not try to force or control situations with others. Go with the flow and stay true to yourself! Your inner guru will start to speak to you when you are aligned within. Let any and all fear go. FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real...and that’s ego. If you stay true to yourself, you will attract the right soul tribe. Stay in vibrational awareness, and observe but do not judge. When you are overwhelmed and you feel compelled to make radical changes, do it. Do not sit back and wait for things to happen! You are in charge of your own destiny. Put your hand on your heart and ask your soul...who am I becoming on my journey of transformation? And allow the tears to flow.

Create from a place of sacred love and light within your consciousness, and stay aligned in gratitude. There is much cosmic love to be shared with others!

Sending much love and light to you on your journey!


Jeni Ji

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