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How Can I Attract The Right Partner?

christiana rivers 3 mQjo4Vb6A unsplashHow can I attract the right partner? And, What is the next step in my souls evolution?

Hello Michelle and thank you for your questions.

In order to attract the right partner, you must know who you are before considering having a partner. If not, you will attract the wrong partner then wonder why and how this happened. It’s the law of attraction and karma. When you meet someone who you have chemistry with, get to really know this person. Take your time before jumping in intimately. Ask yourself, “what type of relationship do I truly want? What qualities am I looking for in a partner?” Some people rush in with blind folds and pay the price karmically and suffer greatly.

You must love yourself unconditionally and know your worthiness before you can love someone else as you attract who you are vibrationally. Communication is the number # 1 key to any relationship, not love. We can be in love with someone but if there is no communication, the relationship will not last. Love is not enough. I personally have had my eyes on potential partners as well and after reading their energy and getting to know them I walk away before getting intimately involved because I know who I am and what I am looking for. I am not one to settle. A person’s energy speaks louder then words. When your mind starts to conflict wit your heart, you will suffer as you are not listening to soul. When you are feeling at peace you know you are centered within and listening to soul and not ego.

I would start by writing down all the qualities you are looking for in a partner such as: “my partner has to love and accept me unconditionally for who I am, they have to treat me with respect, they are financially secure and faithful to me. They live in the same city where I live, we connect emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually. We speak the same language.” This is just to give you an idea. Do not write down what they look like because love comes in many ways. True love is falling in love with each other’s soul unconditionally and eternally. Write down all of the qualities that you’re looking for in a partner and make two copies. Take the first copy and go outside and burn it. Put the good copy away then surrender the process. Do not go looking for love, love will find you when you least expect it. Be at peace within before anything else. When you expand love it radiates from within.

What is the next step to my soul’s evolution?

When your ready to shift the evolution of your soul, you move towards your souls’ purpose. Your collective consciousness will start to transform, giving you more clarity. To start the process, I recommend you meditate everyday and spend quality time alone in order to hear your soul speak. It’s so easy to get distracted with work and family obligations that we can become robots doing the same thing everyday and we can start to feel lost. Much reflection and pondering on life occurs which brings sleepless and restless nights. The dark night of the soul. In order to see more clarity, you have to be in vibrational harmony within the heart and mind.

Listen to guided meditations to help you get started. Make sure you are alone with no distractions. Some will use a long shawl or scarf over their head while meditating. Wear comfortable clothing. Get into the habit everyday, even if it is for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night, the longer the better. Do not force yourself to see or hear anything as meditation takes time, especially when we have that loud monkey mind of the ego playing tricks of fear. I warn everyone before they start to meditate to pay attention to what soul shows you. Soul will show truth and if you’re not ready to face the truth nothing will change. Fear brings you closer to reality which brings you freedom, liberation and evolution of your souls’ journey.

For many years people called me “The Tibetan Buddhist monk.” I spent many years everyday meditating and studying and I still do. I even did a painting of my past life of being a Buddhist monk. The journey of soul is personal and sacred. Enlightenment comes from within your heart. Go with the flow of what feels right for you. Get in touch with mother nature, she has many messages. Read metaphysical books that your drawn to, and go on retreats. Transcendence takes you deep within to hear thy sacred soul speak, the cosmic celebration of truth. Stay away from negative energy, drama and distractions. Reach for God and wait for grace. There is no such thing as time and space.

Om Namah Shivaya,

Jeni Ji

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