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Meditation takes on many forms and expressions.

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It brings alignment to your emotional, mental and physical self to build a path towards higher levels of consciousness and awareness, clearing out the lower energies in order to achieve enlightenment and harmony within our auras to purify "The Light Of Your Soul".

Meditation allows you to see any conflicts, attachments and illusions that you maybe holding onto in order to clear them in order to quiet the mind so you can open up your third eye. (The center of your forehead between your eyes.) The third eye is also known as "Eye Of Shiva", and the ancients call it "The Ruby Eye Of The Serpent".

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I strongly recommend Full Moon Meditations. The full moon includes 5-7 days every month: 2 days before the actual full moon, the day of the full moon, and 2 days after the full moon. Reflect back upon your month, and see what lessons your Soul has learned from your journey. Sometimes we are more awakened by the challenges God brings us. It's then up to you to decide if you have learned from your lessons or not. If you haven't learned from your lessons, you will keep repeating them over and over again.

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We also need to spend more quality time alone with ourselves in order to find out who we truly are and why we are here in this lifetime. This is another reason why meditation is vitally important.

Meditation can either be done alone or with a group of people. With regular practice, you will be able to obtain more of your goals of how to manifest them into reality and have a clearer understanding of how "Law of Attraction" works.

Here is one of my many meditations to help you on your journey

dreamstime 30Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Have an empty stomach, not a full stomach. You can either sit or lay down. Lighting candles will attract angels and guides to come to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly, make sure you will not be disturbed in any way and give yourself plenty of time for your meditation. This can be done with music or a teacher guiding you through it.

  • To get started, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths in slowly and exhale slowly.
  • Visualise the energy of Gold light radiating all around your entire body. Feel the warmth and love from the energy of the golden light.
  • Now visualize the golden light at the tips of your toes, moving to your feet, up to your knees, and all the way to the top of your head very slowly.
  • Some of you may become overwhelmed with joy, sadness, and love and may even shed a few tears. Open your heart and allow the tears to flow for a healing that maybe needed.
  • Completely let go and let your Soul experience the love and the light. Each of you will have your own unique experience.
  • Before opening your eyes, keep the vision of the golden light radiating your whole body 6 inches away from it for at least 5 minutes. This is a shield for you (protection) to keep negative energy away from you.
  • Now you can open your eyes and write down your experience if you wish to.


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