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Any Advice As To How I Can Be More Successful In My Job Search?

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I am in my early 40's with a professional background in property management. I am grateful for the skills I've learned over the past 10 years but want to apply them towards a more meaningful end goal. I am open to considering all possibilities and opportunities and am very excited for my next step, but living in a small town limits professional options. In the meantime, I am working but feeling stressed about finances and don't want to succumb to this negative energy and let it take over. I consistently network, I am a hard worker, and I absolutely love my life so I am eager to begin the next step.

Any advice or insight as to how I can minimize this growing stress or how I might be able to be more successful in the job search?

Namaste, Gerty.

As I was reading your question, I felt a very old soul coming forth from the Old Testament from “Hebrew” the Biblical days of “ Mother Mary” with a bond of strength, independence, and keeping family together. I also see jewels of emeralds, turquoise, and blues surrounding you with a ruby.

The first thing you need to do is let go of trying to control your thoughts. Put your hand over your heart and start chanting the sound of OM three times in long strides. Then, take a few breaths in and ask soul to show you the way in silence. The more you overthink, the less you will hear. Thoughts become scattered, which will leave your vibration going in circles and things will not align with the cosmic universal flow. Release and allow the power of soul to provide you with clarity. When you are happy with the work you are doing, you will have found your purpose and you will feel much freedom and empowerment. Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and transmute all fears. Walk with Mother Nature and you will hear messages from the wind with the universal presence. Back in the biblical days, you would walk by the runes and stand in front of the sea with your arms open asking spirits to give you answers!

Create a vision board. Buy a large poster paper and with a felt pen start writing down what you are passionate about, what changes you would like to make, what you would like to start, where you would like to live, how much money you want in your savings account, and where you would like to travel to. Write down things like this! The more goals you have, the better it is. I create a vision board every January and reflect back to the previous year in order to check off what I have completed. Some goals take longer to achieve than others. You may also find that when you reflect back on certain goals, you will learn more about who you are becoming, especially because there can be some goals you are no longer in alignment with. I recently had a meeting with someone who completely and utterly inspired me, and as soon as the meeting finished, I added new goals for the year 2020 and my passions came alive. Manifest from the vibration and frequency that is best for your highest self and purpose with intention, and then watch the magic unfold.

Make sure you keep a notepad close by as I see you writing more! Keep a journal, as you can often hold your emotions in at times when you need to release. You speak from your heart to those who you are close to and yet have trust issues with others until you get to know them more. It is important for you to make the decisions that are best for you regardless of what family and friends say. You do not need to please others or defend yourself.

I do see you making more changes next year in 2020. It will be a year that you start to implement more changes because you will feel increasingly stuck where you’re at. I see you reading more and studying investment opportunities which you will come across. Traveling will surface stronger. Listen to your soul when you hear the calling.

A move is very possible as long as you follow your heart. I see water and mountains with Mother Nature in a smaller community and not in a large city. Being in a large city will not flow for you. You are very good with property management, and having the experience will open new doors of investments that I see you getting involved with. You very well could come across a property that is in foreclosure or run-down and your intuition is telling you how you could make upgrades and sell it, rent it, and make money. I see a garden on the property, or you will create a garden which will bring you to get involved with the organic farming community to produce your own vegetables to sell. There is so much creativity and potential that will come forth on your new journey, so trust the process and surrender to it! Your career will very well do a complete 360 in due time. Align with the divine connection of oneness within and you will hear soul speak.



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