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Does Lacey's Spirit Want To Stay Alive Or Is She Getting Ready To Pass On?

ahmad odeh lVNjROfGm8Q unsplashLacey has a foundered right foot and the bone is 1 cm. from coming through the bottom of the foot, is there something specifically I can do to help her more and does Lacey's spirit want to stay alive or is she getting ready to pass on?

Namaste Susan and thank you for your question regarding your stunningly beautiful horse Lacey!

When your question was sent to me, the first thing I felt was Lacey’s spirit going right through me. My hairs stood up on my arms and I held my heart with tears in my eyes. It was instant. I was wishing I was there with her. She has known for a while she is not well even before she was diagnosed and has been holding on for as long as she could to share more time and to also prepare you. The bond you both share with each other is deep. She was not ready to be put down at the first diagnose and she says thank you for giving her more time. However she knows her journey is soon coming to an end.

Have you noticed how she will look deeply into your soul? She is trying to talk to you. She wants you to tune into her energy so she can tell you how much she loves you and how she is ready to go when you are ready to let her go. She is in pain yes and does her best to not show you as she puts more weight on her other leg to stand. She is getting more tired. You could put her on pain medication, but it will make her feel nauseated and it will only be temporary. I do feel an infection coming on soon and it will go through her body. If the bone comes through, she will be in extreme pain, so please pay attention to the signs etc. This is a year of moving in a new direction for you both.

I would stand beside her and ask her if she is in pain and look in her eyes and/or watch her head move. If you do not see anything at that moment don’t worry, it takes time and patience for you to see and hear her. You are tuned in but when emotions get in the way it can be difficult to really hear and understand what our animals are saying. She is a bit nervous to go as she is more worried about how you will handle it. This is why she is doing her best to not show you signs. When you ask her if she is ready to go, make sure you say, “Lacey, I want to ask you if you are in pain and ready to go to spirit?” Let her know its OK and how you are leaving it up to her to make that decision.

Have the conversation with her when you are alone, and before you go to bed that evening ask out loud, “ Spirit please give me the signs that Lacey is in pain and ready to go home,” and ask to be shown a big sign right away then surrender the process. It’s important to be ready for what your soul will then show you after. Its never easy making these decisions but because you love her you must think of what is best for her and detach with how you will react to the process.

When you are ready to make the decision, please let me know the day and time you will put her down on your time zone as I always send energy to the animal and also yourself to help make the transition flow with much love and healing light.

With much love to you both

Jeni Ji

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