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I Am A Little Lost And Would Love Your Guidance!

trent szmolnik oOf9Zn qs unsplashThank you for your loving offer...as always, I am so grateful for your time and love!

I am someone that has an entrepreneurial spirit. I have gained valuable administrative, marketing, and design skills. I always try to learn and grow. At this point, however, I feel like I am a little lost. I have a full-time job that is paying the bills, but it has been almost 2 years now and I have no idea if my pay will ever increase here? Anyway, a friend named David has an opportunity for me to do an online marketing job...providing financial services to people, whether it be car finances, personal or business loans, or debt consolidation. Essentially, I would be finding leads through marketing. I know if it is successful with him, my potential to earn is fantastic. I am just nervous about how to add this? Do I leave my current job and do that even though it would be straight commission? Ahhh...I’m lost!

Thank you, Jeni! Big hugs!

Hello, Michelle! Thank you for your question.

What I am seeing all around you is travel, water, and also a possibility for you to move and travel abroad. I see the number four. You are very open to flexibility and can work anywhere. You very well could go on a vacation and fall in love with the place, want to move there, and make it work somehow. It could be that your partner gets work outside of the country and you are able to go with him and work online with your own business. I keep seeing water.


This opportunity with David is OK. He means well, but do not leave your current job. I do not see you being passionate about this opportunity with him, and you will get bored and not see results...it’s a bit tricky. If anything, it would show you more about being independent and wanting to be your own boss, working your own hours, etc. David is a family man and wants to be successful and do what it takes to make financial wealth happen, and he wants to see you happy also. When he likes you, he will try to help from his heart. However, when he does not like someone, look out ! Mixing business with him is not a great idea...to put it bluntly. I can see issues arising that would cost you a friendship. I do not recommend putting money into the business at all. If you want to do this, work with him part time just to see how it goes. That’s up to you! But, things are changing for him as well. When you set your mind and put all your energy into the business with David, you may start to see things happen. The choice is yours, but as I said, things will be changing.


There is another business opportunity that is going to come up for you that you will be more drawn to and be more passionate about. I see a website you will create and put your own money into in order to get things started. It will pay off in due time as any good investment does. I can hear you saying, “why did I not see this before?” However, things fall into place at divine timing. There will also be an investment that is property related, which will pay off and the risk will be worth it.

You are very intuitive, and especially with the current energies with Mercury Retrograde right now, I do not suggest signing any legal documents. Explore your options and set the intention because you are a old soul that can manifest. Expect the unexpected. Mercury is a time to revamp things! That’s why it’s called Retrograde. Ask your soul to bring you new financial opportunities that are best for your highest purpose and self, and then surrender it and trust the process. You’re a great communicator and know how to get things done. Just be careful who you give information to during this time, and pay attention to your dreams. There are a lot of karmic issues in the air of what needs to be released. Your soul will show you, and you will feel it. Also, pay attention to your health, specifically to what needs to shift and change.

Look back to the energy of January 2019 and what was going on. Have you seen any results from that time? What did your soul show you during that month? Take the time to reflect back. Things are also surfacing from 2001...some similarities, if you can remember. However, you are handling things differently now that you have more wisdom.

Every day, say this mantra: “ I am successfully activating my potential which is best for my highest purpose and self. I am available and open to receive financial abundance each and everyday.” Stay aligned in that vibration and frequency for a few minutes in quiet time, and you will start to feel the frequency go throughout your entire being! Know your worth and own it!


Jeni Ji

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