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The Rainbow Bridge 2014 & Into 2015

mactavish nakitaHello everyone, its been a while since I put up a blog on my website. Many changes have happened in my life since then. Last year in 2014,I lost 7 friends who passed away & also my beloved soul mate MacTavish my Irish wolfhound. MacTavish was not even 4 years old. Everything happened so quick .It was very traumatizing for both Nakita and I. It was a very challenging year for me to say the least filled with alot of sadness in my heart & soul. I spent alot of alone time to do some deep soul searching to reflect back upon my journey. Loosing so many friends & my beloved soul mate MacTavish gave me a bigger reality how precious life really is etc.We don't know how long we are here on earth & its important to share our feelings with others. When was the last time you gave someone a hug & thanked them for being in your life ? or said I Love You ? We sometimes take life for granted..

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