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March 2014

Where oh where is spring might you ask?

We sure have had a very long intense winter here in Alberta Canada. When will winter ever be behind us ? The temperature with the wind chill has been in the minus 30"s and minus 40"s and we just moved into the first week of March. We had more snow fall in one month then it had combined in 3 months all together. We are eagerly waiting to come out of our very long hibernation. My heart goes out to all the animals and my dogs as they are inside with no walks when the weather is this cold. So when we get a weather break I take advantage and get my dogs out for their runs etc and also my running a rounds done etc. Earth's life energy has awakened from the winter dormancy for some of us & the new cycle starts again.

And for some of us, winter is yet only beginning depending on where you are. Mother nature has been hard on our planet this past year with extreme weather patterns. I am feeling that winter will be with us for the full month of March and even going into the first week of April here in Alberta.

Spring is a great time to "De Clutter" what no longer serves you. Or for some, they call it spring cleaning, clearing out the old unwanted and stagnant energies. Are you still hanging onto clothes that you no longer wear ? Perhaps you could give them to a shelter where its truly needed and appreciated. Remember that someone's junk can be someone's treasure. It's time to go through our living environment and let things go that we truly no longer need. The more clutter you have in your living environment, work environment and vehicle, the more cluttered your thoughts and mind are. You will be surprised what clarity you will see after you have done this.

Clutter creates more dust, which blocks the flow of energy. You do not want to be breathing in stale dusty air which will eventually effect your lungs. Invest in a air purifier if possible. After you clear out the clutter, you should do a home clearing and smudging in every room in your environment & ask the universe to invite vital healing energy into your home and heart. Why not visit a florist and buy yourself some beautiful vibrant flowers and plants. Plants bring in more oxygen to your home and make it more cozy. The flowers will bring a beautiful aroma and exotic colours. Is it not time to stop and smell the roses or shall I also say plants. My favourite tree is the lilac tree. When the lilacs are blooming, I will cut off a few stems and put the lilacs all around my home and the smell is breath taking. I wish we had them here all year round. Unfortunately that is not until June I believe ? and they bloom for only a short time. We even have a lilac festival here in Calgary every year. Why not treat yourself and go out and buy yourself some breath taking flowers. You are worth it after all !

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