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Predictions for 2014

I am feeling that 2014 will be a year where more people will tune into what their soul is telling them.

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They will be taking more time out to reflect on what is important and what is not important in their life and clearing things out that no longer serve their higher self. Because of what has happened the past few years, I feel people are starting to get more involved with making some big decisions in their life and walking away from dramas that no one needs to keep in their life so they can find more spiritual contentment within.

People will start to reflect back upon their life in a big way and not get so involved with busy hectic schedules.

I feel that people will look at what life they have been living.

For example, is it really worth to be working 24/7 and not spending time with my partner and family. Is money really everything? Am I truly happy making all this money yet not having time to enjoy my life? People will start to look at, “Is it really all worth it?” “Are having materialistic things important to me?” Or, “Is having a peace of mind worth more?” I feel that people will start to downsize and sell and/or give things away that are no longer truly important to them. A lot of inner transformations are happening. Family and friends are going to wonder what is going on because they will see and hear more and more people make some huge changes in their life. It will make people feel uncomfortable to see their family and friends make these drastic changes because they are to used to seeing them how the way they are and you must remember when you start making changes and walk more on the spiritual path. It will throw other people off and make them feel uncomfortable, but you must stay true to yourself and follow what you feel is best for you and not others. Should you not be living the life that makes you feel good? Or should your life be the way others expect you to live? Is it not your journey after all? This is when you need to spend more quality time alone to hear your soul think and listen to that inner Guru.

This is why the work that I do is vitally important to help others come to terms with who they are to help them release their true self and to let go of any unnecessarily dramas that surround them by negative people.

I feel shifts and changes coming in April and Oct 2014 all around us in a big way.

The spring and fall always brings change. It’s when the farmers plant their seeds for the future. What seeds we plant in the fall we see results in the spring. What seeds we plant in the spring we see results in the fall, so these 2 months represent Change. It gives us the opportunity to clear any unwanted old energy to bring in the new and start looking at what is real and what is not real. If you have any big decisions to make during these 2 months you must look back and reflect upon things in a more serious way and look at reality.

I am feeling the energy getting more and more scattered for some, meaning some people will not know how to deal with issues and things will get more challenging for some. For anyone who chooses to stay in their negative judgmental thought forms, its going to increase more then ever this coming year with law of attraction and more health issues are going to start to come through.

Spirit has shown us many signs of how we have created the major crisis on mother earth also known as Gaia. Many of us do not pay attention and or understand what is really going on, we just ignore it thinking that's how it is when that is not the case what so ever. What has caused this to happen then you may wonder? Well the truth my dear fellows is because the energy we have sent out meaning, negative thought forms, hatred, raciest, manipulation, judgmental, control, greed, animal abuse, criminal activities, power so many negative things and or events continuously go on each and every day and its all about your EGO or lower bodies and negative energy goes along way. Look back on the many wars we have had and are still going on. Nuclear power, radiation & chemicals how do you think that effects mother earth? When radiation goes into the earth, do you think the grass will continue to grow healthy? What energy do you think is still floating around out there? Do you think it just disappears into space? Really ponder on that. This is what you call disastrous side effects! Think about it.

Why can you not accept people for who they are? Does it make a difference what colour their skin is? What their religious beliefs are? What culture they are from? What their sexual preference is? Why not open your heart with unconditional love and stop judging people. Do you even know who that person is or what they are about? What happened to love and compassion?

It makes me so angry to see people treat other people with disrespect. I was at Safeway last Christmas and waiting in line and over heard a male cashier speaking to an employee of his and he was saying how his foster mother kicked him out of their home on Christmas Eve because he finally came out and said he was gay and how he was now living in the street until he could find a home. I could not believe this! I was completely heart broken. I know what it feels like to come from a family who doesn't accept you for who you are, and it’s a very lonely path; to feel alone, lonely and abandoned all at the same time. I am not gay.... Family just judged me and none of them really knew who I was.

Why do you think there are so many people out there trying to save the earth?

Global warming was caused by all the radiation and left over energies and vibrations still floating around from many years and still going on. Will the wars ever stop? Well, not in my lifetime. Power & greed are powerful tools! Why do you think there are more natural paths, holistic healings, organic foods, & solar power companies? People are trying to live more of a healthy life style and yet others put people like us down for wanting to make a difference and save mother earth. WHY? Do you want the earth to be sick? The earth has been dying for many years because of all the pollution. We the people have had enough chemicals and abuse to last us many life times. Even if all wars came to a complete stop today and no more chemicals were used. I would take many life times to clear out all that powerful vibrational energies that are lingering about. Think about that one. Unfortunately I am feeling more and more talk about nuclear missiles and weapons going out and causing huge damage, many will suffer, especially mother earth which will only bring more diseases to the people and will continue to spread. Why do you think there are many diseases on earth? It’s done by cause and effect.

Why do you think there are world weather catastrophes?

Yes there is definitely a tilt on earth that has created these catastrophes but its more then just that. Floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, any huge disastrous storms all represent so many things. Like I've said, mother earth has had enough abuse and this is her way or showing us. Spirit gives us many signs and yet we ignore the signs, is this not mother earth showing us she has had enough abuse? Really ponder on that. Has events like this woken up the world? To some yes it has and this is why there are activists working on behalf of mother earth Gaia, as her messengers.

I am feeling that the cost of living in Alberta will keep going up to the point where people, especially Albertans will leave their province. It’s such a shame that all people see is greed nothing more. It has gotten out of control and people will need to have 2-3. It’s in order to pay their rent or to live in a place with other people to share the high rents. The people who have owned their home for many years will be OK but as far as renters are concerned, they are the ones who are getting screwed. What choice do they have? How can anyone save for a down payment on a home when all their money is going to a landlord? Even The people who moved from out of Alberta will be moving back home to the province they originally moved from or move to another province. This will happen world wide not just here in Alberta. Living in the cities is no longer a reality for some.

Look at the senior citizens of how much they get on their pension and what they are paying for rent. It’s not acceptable for anyone unless you are working 24/7 at a demanding career in order to just survive here. I feel that more homeowners will sell their homes and leave the province and it will get to the situation where when you meet people here it will be hard to find anyone who was born and raised in Calgary. I feel this will continue for a few more years and then things will come crashing down and by then, it will be to late...What comes around goes around, its called karma. The landlords will be begging people to move in for a lower rent and people will walk away with disgust they have had enough. More & more health issues will be coming up for more people due to constant stress and unresolved issues they are still struggling with, you will be hearing more people you know with major sickness such as cancer etc.

I am feeling we will be hearing of more major companies going under due to the economic situation.

Sounds crazy doesn't it but its true. I am feeling that even in the USA that states will want to be working together with each other more as if they will be creating more of a community effect with each other rather then just state-to-state. The people will start to work with each other more and walk away from their government regardless of who will be in for power etc. WE all have seen signs of what the government parties are truly like all over this world and how power and greed is the only thing they want, not to help the people, but to only have their people financially OK. Politicians will only say what they want to the people just to get the vote, nothing more. Things got so out of hand with so many unresolved issues that it all caught up with them. It’s called karma. Nothing remains the same forever. Change is a constant energy. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a government who actually spoke from his heart filled with unconditional love & compassion? Who truly wanted to be in power to help others...I have not seen it yet in my lifetime, only from spiritual leaders such as the Dali Lama for example. How wonderful would it be to have government leaders like that?

I am feeling more and more spiritual groups will be working more in unity with one as we usually do and others will start to walk towards them seeking for truth and understanding with what is really going on in their life, more people will be surrendering to spirit and wanting answers due to stressful situations they keep finding themselves in. There will definitely be an awakening happening. You will find that when more people are tuned into the light of their soul, the energy and vibration of their environment will calm down in a huge way regardless of what situations unfolds for them.

Predictions for 2014

  • I’m feeling more problems in Egypt
  • Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip health problems with big change in the Royal family.
  • More hacking on line especially with banks
  • Health issues around Bill Clinton
  • Flooding more in the UK
  • More contamination in water supply.

Celebrity Fun

  • Tom Cruise - I’m feeling he is going to have a rude awakening with Scientology and see things more clearly with what he is involved with
  • Kenny Rogers heart problems, surgery
  • Angelina Jolie another adoption her health is going to be OK
  • Ashton Kutcher engagement with Mila Kunis but not sure if the wedding will go on
  • Pamela Anderson health problems I see her making big changes in her life, something not right with her blood.
  • Will Smith marriage ending
  • Kim Kardashian pregnancy scare
  • Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas - Divorce proceedings
  • Keith Urban leg injury broken leg possibly
  • Carrie Underwood pregnancy
  • Ryan Seacrest = an award of some sort

So these are just a few things I see coming up in 2014 and remember when we start to see changes, we can turn it around!

With love & light,


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