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Moving Forward With Love & Intention July 3 2015

Moving Forward With Love & Intention July 3 2015


I just recently put up a very lengthy blog a few days ago due to all the changes I went through in 2014.

After my Irish wolfhound MacTavish passed away in May 2014,I no longer needed the big house I was in, so I started down sizing & giving things away. I could not stay in the house anymore it was to difficult without MacTavish etc.I then set the intention to move back to Sunnyside NW in March or April 2015 etc into a one bedroom apartment from a 3 bedroom house and moved into the building I wanted to in March 2015 with my small dog Nakita.

I am very saddened to say that Nakita passed away on June 23 2015.She was my rescue puppy for almost 12 years & a world traveler, my other furry soul mate. This morning I woke up to hear Nakita fluttering her wee ears as she did every morning. I was in tears & over joyed that she was with me. I was asking for a sign from her since she passed away. I was worried because I did not hear from her right away. I heard from MacTavish immediately after he passed. My friend Linda Rigo who is a animal communicator came over last Sunday & told me that it can take up to 2 weeks to hear from our animals & I am very grateful & blessed to have Linda in my life. Thank You Linda xo.I will indeed bring you back a bag of Kona coffee from Maui ! I was so happy when I got a sign from Nakita this morning. I ask for big signs not small ones. I also spoke about Nakita in my last blog a few days ago.

Spirit then told me that I need to do my readings at another location also, so I set out the intention & asked spirit to guide me to the right location etc.I had opportunities come up for me at other locations but it did not feel right .So needless to say, I am now doing readings at Self Connection Books every Saturdays from 12-5 PM.The address is 4611 Bowness Rd NW in Calgary & you can call them & book an appointment to see me at 403 284 1486,the staff are very friendly who welcome you & I love the energy there. If you want to book an appointment on other days etc,you can book through my website by sending me a message if you want to book 30 or 60 minutes and what days and times are you free & I will get back to you as soon as I can .

Always stay true to who you are ! Be your true authentic self ! Do not ever try to be someone who you are not ! Our souls are unique in our own way & we all have a mission & that is to fulfill our passion with love from our heart ! Have compassion towards others & do not ever judge anyone. You truly do not know their circumstances etc.. Namaste.Jeni


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