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New Update on Soul Work on Shaw TV Sept 2 2015

New Update on" Soul Work' on Shaw TV Sept 2 2015

Its sure has been a interesting week with the energies of the super moons ! Spirit sure brought things up rather bluntly to my attention that needed to be resolved etc.I knew I had to make some big decisions on my show "Soul Work" on Shaw TV. I finally got up at 3 Am, put the coffee on & my Ipad.I immediately came across the movie "The Shift" with Dr.Wayne Dyer that Hay House was showing in tribute to his passing. It just appeared out of no where. I watched the movie & absolutely loved it.It sure confirmed many things that I needed to hear & that's how I knew the decision I had to make was the right choice as I felt at peace. The messages started to roll in from spirit loud & clear just watching the movie. Wayne Dyer was such an amazing man in many ways & truly left a huge impact in this world. What a true blessings he has been for many. I am grateful & blessed to have spirit bring me to put the movie right in front of me to give me the messages & confirmation I truly needed. I was not listening to my intuition about the decision I needed to make for a while & watching this movie gave me the conformation I truly needed, a big thank you Dr Wayne Dyer,Hay House & Spirit ! I felt his energy around me with a big smile when I said out loud thank you for the message. It was amazing.


Just watching this movie gave me conformation to move forward alone on my TV show Soul Work. Spirit has been giving me many signs for the past 2 years now that I must host it by myself ,so needless to say that is what I am now doing. I then had to let my new co host Rick Titan go this morning & wished him the very best.Im going into my 3rd year now with my show, its alot of hard work putting it together etc and I'm very blessed & grateful its still on. Thank You to Shaw TV & all of the volunteers, staff & crew, I appreciate each & everyone of you for making my show possible !

My 1st guest starting off my 3rd season on "Soul Work" on Wednesday September 9 at 6:30 PM on Shaw TV Channel 10 is Tad Milmine.I watched him on global news one morning & knew he had to come on my show & share his journey with the viewers, he is such a brave man who because of his journey inspires & helps many others out there. Make sure you tune in ! All shows are on You Tube under Jeni Cousins if you have missed any of them.

You can also catch me at Self Connection Books every Saturdays from 12-5 PM doing readings. They are at 4611 Bowness RD NW Calgary, to book an appointment with me call 403 284 1486 or book another day through my website with what days your available & if you would like to book 30 or 60 minutes & I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Sending everyone love & light,



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