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“Just Ask Jeni Ji “

Good Transend Blog Namaste everyone, I wanted to share exciting news with you all. I was interviewed by my favourite magazine out of California called “ SF Yoga Mag.I love the energy & vibration they share & was also offered to have my own weekly column called “ Just Ask Jeni Ji “.I am truly grateful & blessed to have this amazing opportunity filled with much gratitude. You can send your questions to them and see if your question will be chosen. I have included the interview they did on me to answer some of your questions on my readings etc to give you more clarity of what to expect.


To send your question to my column please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & to read their magazine go to & sign up for their newsletter to be able to read my column & see if your question has been answered from me. Make sure you let them know you have a question for “Jeni Ji”.Here is the interview.



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be clairvoyant or been curious about Soul Readings? Jeni Cousins, a clairvoyant, TV host and producer, intuitive life coach, esoteric spiritual teacher, animal communicator and so much more, gave us a little taste of what it’s like to be tapped into this kind of energy. She shared with us how she discovered her gift and also explained what a Soul Reading exactly is. Read on to get a sneak peek at what life looks and feels like through Jeni’s clairvoyant lens.


Did you always know that you were clairvoyant or is that something you learned? “Jeni Ji “.


Jeni for blog I knew I was different when I was four years old and did not understand anything. Late one night when I could not sleep, I went into my parents’ bedroom and laid down looking at the full moon in tears saying, please God take me home. I felt I did not belong or fit in on Planet Earth or with this family. All I could feel was energy with everything and everyone. I was seeing auras around people and their life flashing in front of me. I was overwhelmed as I knew I would have to go through a lot of pain and suffering if I stayed on this planet. All of a sudden there was a beautiful angelic being who stood in front of me with such heartfelt energy who told me how I am to be here on Earth to clear a lot of painful karma. The angel said that was why I was here, and that she will always be with me. I was still crying and said, “no, please take me home, I don’t want to be here with this family and on this planet.” We were not talking out loud, we were talking telepathically. I felt a lot of love and calming energy go through my entire body. I eventually fell back to sleep.

From the moment that being came to me, I felt different and I kept hearing her say how she will always be with me and not to fear. I started my metaphysical studies when I was 14. I read hundreds of books, went to seminars, workshops and talked with teachers to give me a better understanding of what was truly happening to me. I was introduced to the books of Alice A Bailey + Tibetan Master DK. Djwhal Khul and that’s when I finally felt at home working with the ageless esoteric ancient teachings of the Christ Consciousness.

The more esoteric studying I did, the more my abilities came through. One of my teachers told me I was clairvoyant because I told him what I was seeing, as if I was watching a movie and he explained to me what being clairvoyant meant. I spent a lot of alone time meditating daily and kept a lot of what I was seeing and experiencing to myself, as I knew others did not see what I saw. I would do readings, mainly for friends, for many years while continuing my daily studies.

We want to know more about your Soul Readings. What are they and why would someone want to do a Soul Reading?

When I do a Soul Reading, I never know what to expect. I may get messages from others and pets who have passed on that want to come forth with a message. I stay in the present moment. Because I am a medium, animal communicator and also a past life akashic reader, I combine everything generally into one reading. The first thing I do is read my clients level of consciousness to see where they are at in order to give them a better understanding of how to move forward with a peace of mind during the reading. I give my insights to what I am seeing and I never tell anyone what to do because we all have our own journey and lessons that we need to learn. I pass on the messages only with my insights and answer questions.
I read the voice, as the voice is the soul that speaks. When someone starts talking, I also pick up your energy/soul from previous lifetimes. I teach others how to listen to their own inner guru. I don’t need to physically see someone in person. Energy is energy.

Your Soul Readings are not like a psychic reading, you do not tell the future. Why is this?


When I am reading someone, I do not use tarot cards as I am clairvoyant. My vision shows me a movie being played in front of me with this person and their situation. I read your souls and yes, I do give my insights into my client’s future. My clients all have many questions and I give my insights to what I see but not only just that. Let’s say if someone had two job offers and they had to decide which job to take. I would give them my intuitive clairvoyant insights and then leave it up to them to decide which job
they want.

I also combine and read past life akashic energy into all areas of my clients lives. For instance, let’s say a client comes to me, who has just met a potential mate. I would give them my insights on that person’s past, present and future, and why they have met this person, and what karmic situations they will go through with them if they decide to have a relationship with that person. I provide clients with all the information in detail whereas some tarot readers will tell people how they are about to meet their soulmate. This can make someone attach to that story, they could meet that person and karmically pay the price dearly for getting involved with that person. That’s why I give only my insights in a deep esoteric way and, of course, leave it up to that person to decide and create their our own journey to go through. We all have past karma to resolve and clear from our previous lifetimes. That is why we meet certain people and feel an instant connection with that person. It’s the law of attraction and/or divine timing.

Can you share with us a little about what Intuitive Life Coaching is all about?

My life coaching is about helping my clients come to terms with things. One of the first things I will say is to stop being so hard on themselves as we all have lessons to learn. Some people will want to be in a relationship so badly that they attract someone who
is not the right person for them and they suffer because they wanted to just settle and then they regret it. I will go over the reasons with them to let them know what caused that and also how they can resolve the issue. But it all comes down to them, when they are truly ready to move forward.
I personally have had a very traumatic life myself and have spent many years alone. Many people called me The Tibetan Buddhist Monk and still do. I have had 17 friends pass away and both my dogs in 1.5 years & my dad. Then recently I just said goodbye to my dear friend at the hospice and came home to find out my best friend had three months to live. I was speechless.


A friend of mine said I should go for trauma release counselling and I said I am ok because I spend a lot of alone quiet time meditating, reflecting, healing and coming to terms with things. Love is on the other side of pain. We cannot run from things, we must deal with issues up front. Many people do not want to deal with issues as it can be very painful. But fear brings you closer to truth. Embrace it and transcend into mindfulness.


That is why I also teach full moon meditation classes to align our group consciousness as one. When we are aligned within our heart it deepens our awareness. The only thing we have control over is our self...nothing else. Let go of any and all attachments with
no expectations and surrender. I give a few options for the person that will help them on their journey. You have the power within to create anything you want to fix, resolve or attract. Some people get stuck and do not know how to move forward. When you give your power away you will not be grounded and that’s when struggles can start. See and visualize who you want to be. Follow your passion as it can help you find your purpose. Challenges teach us more of who we are. Let ego go and embrace love and ask yourself who am I becoming while going through this challenge?

Who have been some of your most influential teachers?


I believe we are all teachers and learn from each other regardless of who we are, if we pay attention to the messages. On that note, here are a few: Tibetan Master DK. Djwhal Khul, Alice Bailey, Oprah Winfrey, Princes Diana, Tony Robbins, Osho,Ram Das, Anand Mehrotra, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Drunvalo Melechizedek, Torkom Saraydarian, Sogyal Rinpoche, Rasha, Louise Hay, Michael Beckwith. There are so many teachers I have learned from, I could not count or name them all. We are all unique and here to share our gifts with each other to help us transform and transcend. I still read and study every night before going to bed and I am currently studying Jyotish Vedic Astrology.


Do you have a daily practice, that keeps you centered and grounded?

Every morning when I wake up, I start saying positive mantras such as:
It’s going to be a great day!
I am aligned and grounded within and open to what is best for my highest potential and purpose.
How may I bring heaven to earth?
How may I serve?
All is well.
I am truly grateful filled with much gratitude.

I have been chanting for many years now. Some of my favorite artists I chant with are Snatam Kaur, Krishna Das, Jai Jagdeesh, Ajeet Kaur, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal & Mitten. I chant kirtan everyday as it lifts me to a higher vibrational frequency. I spend a lot
of alone time meditating to hear my soul speak and I also paint with acrylic intuitively. I did a past life painting of myself when I was a Buddhist monk. I also made a past life painting of a friend of mine who is a film producer and I was scouted by Raw Artist
to showcase my art and do mini readings at The Marquee in Calgary, Canada. I recently started yoga in 2018 and really enjoy it and I am more focused on being healthy this year. I also just directed, produced and created a film, to be released this year. Stay tuned.

Do you have any last words to share with our readers?

When things are flowing you are on the right path. Do not ever force or control anything as the current will go backwards. Stay grounded in awareness and surrender to the outcome.
To learn more about Jeni Cousins visit and you can book at session with her HERE.

To ask Jeni Ji a question for her column ‘Just Ask Jeni Ji,’ send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


I am holding monthly full moon meditation groups as well at my place & was previously doing meditations at Define Yoga in Calgary until they recently shut down. If anyone would like to join in, please contact me for more information.Or if you would like me to come to your place & hold a meditation please let me know etc.


I went to The Big island in March as part of my healing when my best friend passed away at Christmas 2018.I had been to all the other islands in Hawaii but The Big island where I wanted to connect with Pele, the sacred volcano energy & also the people of the island. I went during mercury retrograde which is not the time to travel to a new place and mercury sure came forth with issues. My luggage was delayed for 2 days, lost my Id,then lost my cell phone during my journey there. I was being tested by spirit in a huge way about faith & trust.

kona sun set The night before my 11 hour island tour, I felt someone beside me and turned on the radio to set the alarm for the tour. The song by Mariah Carey & Boys 11 Men “One sweet day “ was playing. The song was about how your friends are looking over you from heaven and how you shared love with each other & will see each other soon again one day. I broke down in tears and knew that was my friend Terry who passed at Christmas. It was deeply moving.

My island tour & time on the island was amazing! I loved the energy of the island and especially loved the energy of “ Pele”, the volcano with much gratitude & respect of the sacredness of the island & the Hawaiian culture. I will indeed return !

I then went to Maui & stayed with my dear friend Jeannie who lives there. We always have so much fun on our adventures together. We are sisters from a previous life. A starry fairy sister energy. One of the highlights of our adventure was going on a whale tour at the Pacific Whale Foundation. I was blessed to see and experience the energy of the whales. How extraordinary! Sharing time with the whales!

whale pic blog Remember we are all one sharing time with each other on this planet earth until we get called home to spirit. Stay aligned within your heart & listen to your soul.

Namaste Jeni Ji



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