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New Year New Beginnings 2018

It’s a New Year, New Day, filled with Many New Beginnings 2018

best moon picHappy New Year everyone! January starts out as a powerful month for manifestations for 2018.We have 2 super moons & a new moon. January 2nd started out with our first Super moon of 2018 .Then January 16 brought forth the new moon energy & we have the energy of the blue moon coming up on January 31.The energy from the blue moon will take you back to the events from the year 2000.Can you remember what you were doing back then? Similar circumstances will get brought forth to reflect back on etc.The blue moon brings blue dust which can also be caused by volcanic eruptions. In some areas the moon can look red due to a lunar eclipse known as a blood moon. January 11 was also a master number day.

Super moons are strong & affect everyone including animals. They feel all the energy shifts. We have energy shifts all the time with full moons, mercury retrograde, and solar flares etc.It can feel very over whelming at times & the more sensitive you are, the more you will feel it. Some people get so much energy they get a lot accomplished that day where others may find themselves very tired. Listen to what your body is saying to you. Energies are powerful, our intuition gets stronger and it brings forth issues that need to be resolved so that’s why these energies can be very emotional. Pay attention to what is being brought to your attention as it’s usually things that need to be re looked at and or resolved. When you start to deal with things during these powerful energies, spirit works with you to help things move forward, so that’s why it’s important to tune in etc.

On these strong energy days, I get a lot of messages from source/spirit. For the past few years now, my soul has shown me bits and pieces of my future and so far my visions have been on target with what I’ve been shown. I look at circumstances & opportunities when things come forth then ask myself, is this truly what I want? If so I go with it but if not, I change my path .I’ve done it a few times. I may come back at another time and re visit that vision when I am ready to manifest it again. I have walked away from opportunities if it doesn’t feel it’s the right time or if I am looking at another path that is best for my higher self & growth of my soul’s evolution then surrender it with love, faith, trust & light .Everything that has been offered & presented to me has been done through manifestation & has come to me.

jeni pic Have you started your vision board yet? With 2018 being a year of love & manifestation, spirit is working with & for us by 50 %.Which means that it’s important not to control or force anything to happen. Go with the flow and be open to receive from source. Write down a bucket list of what you would like to do or start this year & go for it. Do not worry about how you will start or manifest just start one task at a time & keep your vision board at a location where you can see it everyday. When you can see it on a daily basis the energy flows calming to start the process subconsciously. I’ve done vision boards for many years now and buy a large fluorescent poster size sheet of paper and mark my intentions down with a marker. Then I review it the following year & reflect back upon what I’ve accomplished. You can add more manifestations at any time. Your vision board can change as well because it’s also a way to get to know your self more on a soul level. What you once found you were drawn to may not be of any interest to you anymore and that’s where you will see how you’ve grown and changed. One of my goals I had on my vision board was getting back into my art & painting. It’s been many years since I’ve done art. I’ve now done a few intuitive past life paintings which you will see on this blog & this painting was me in one of my previous incarnations.


pic blog Transformation will also come forth this year with love. Love of self, love with a partner new or current. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. In order to love another you must love & know yourself first .You cannot run to a partner & expect them to know who you are if you don’t even know yourself. If anything it could complicate the relationship with much suffering for both involved. Your relationship could go through a big transformation as well this year with a bigger commitment and or an ending. Stay centered & aligned authentically in awareness of truth by being your true self .Why would you try to be someone else? A person who follows the path of awareness finds love as a consequence of his awareness. When your awareness blooms into love, Samadhi has been achieved. When you know your worthiness you will stay true to who you are and not settle why? Because you love yourself unconditionally enough not to settle just because etc.The truth shall set your soul free with much peace.

Fear is something we all have & it’s important to face fear head on. If you run from it you put things on hold. Nothing changes. The mind starts playing tricks with much chaos & illusions. When you face your fears you set your soul free. Fear gets you closer to the truth of things. Running from a bad situation only creates blockages with your chakras especially your 3rd chakra which causes much stomach upset.( your solar plexus & organs) insecurity leads to emotional instability. This happens when we are not being honest with our self. This is why it’s important to take time out & meditate to hear thy soul speak, our inner guru. Take time to listen to what’s being said then resolve the situation by taking steps to do that. Once you have the situation resolved you can start the healing process and come to terms with what lessons your soul taught you. Lessons are usually painful. We all have karma to pay etc especially when we do not listen to our intuition & stay in the illusion & world of glamour. If you cannot hear messages from your soul, its time to meditate more in order to de clutter the noise in your mind. You are worthy after all to live a more peaceful life. I have my students tell me they do not want to be alone so they settle for a relationship that is not healthy for them to be in. They dearly pay the price with karma, suffering & tears. Is it worth it? Sometimes we need to learn hard lessons to see reality. If you do not learn from the lesson it only repeats itself until you learn from it. Once you know who you are you will attract people at your same vibrational energy to have a healthier relationship/partner. It’s all about law of attraction of the soul’s karmic energy. Many of us are old souls after all & we connect with our soul tribes. People who we feel we are at home with etc.

We meet people for many reasons, for good or bad, lessons learnt. We are all teachers if we pay attention to what others are showing us etc.Ponder on that thought in meditation. Go with the flow and allow your heart & soul to receive. Be open. Start the day saying positive mantras. When you are aligned with integrity with your heart, soul & mind, manifestation will follow rapidly & you will transcend .Breath in love & exhale peace! Stay in the now, the next moment is always born out of this moment. Keep things simple as much as you can without complications and surrender to spirit with trust & faith and know all is well! We are all one walking each other home to source.

budd for blYou can always book an appointment with me to get much peace & clarity with a past life & soul reading. I read your voice, consciousness, energy & souls incarnations. The voice is the soul that speaks. Also if there is a message from a loved one or pet, they will come forth with a message for you. I have over 5 years of You Tube videos up from my TV show Soul Work from Shaw TV to watch for guidance as well. I am also on face book under 2 accounts Jeni Cousins,Instagram & twitter is under soulworkwithjen

Enjoy your new year filled with many blessings. Stay in your heart center filled with love & gratitude. Om Om Om

Namaste Jeni Ji









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