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With the energy of the new moon portal in August 2017, my dad came to me in spirit & surrounded me with huge Amethyst crystals with messages etc. He normally stands in front of me but this time he came to me in a dream. He was in a Amethyst cave with massive size crystals surrounding me. When dad passed & went to spirit Nov 28 2016, he has given me many profound signs & is now helping me heal many things in my life that I had blocked out. I normally keep a lot to myself because it’s always been me helping others for many years now & putting my own needs aside. It has greatly taken a huge impact in my life. I do take a lot of alone time for myself to reflect back and let go etc.How ever dad can clearly see what my life truly has been like from childhood until present & this is why he is stepping forward & showing me what needs to be healed & un blocked. This is why I do the work I do because I know what its like, have been there & done that. My spiritual work is what keeps me grounded.

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After 4 years of filming “Soul Work” on Shaw TV, My last show was April 19 2017. Shaw made a public announcement that they were closing its doors to filming in Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver. I was not aware of the news until I read about it in the Calgary Herald a week later. I felt change coming for a while but wasn’t sure of anything etc.If I had known earlier, I would have made an announcement to the viewers & fans of my show .Many messages from the viewers & others were asking me where is Soul Work? What’s happening? I did not inform everyone until it was officially confirmed from Shaw.crew pic good

I want to thank my crew, the volunteers & staff at Shaw TV, especially to the viewers & everyone who watched the show. I could not have done the show without you all. Thank you for such positive feedback these past 4 years of filming. I appreciate each & every one of you in many ways with much gratitude. Producing & hosting my show was a gift from spirit. I searched for guests for my show & interviewed them & really connected with some .Finally, a big thank you to Shaw TV & Joe Wilcox for believing in me & having me be apart of the community for over 4 years of filming my live show ! No words can truly express what I hold dear in my heart. I learnt so much wisdom and also more about myself. I will miss the good times with much laughter we all shared with each other. Thank You, thank you, thank you! Just to let you know, all shows are on You Tube under Jeni Cousins if you want to watch them.

It was so much fun & a much needed release spending time with my Shaw TV family Saturday August 5 at the BBQ! You have no idea how much my heart & soul was filled with unconditional love, gratitude, joy & feeling accepted. Over the past 4 years, we shared so many fun memories filled with laughter joy & tears & of course lets not forget about the selfie contests lol.It was awesome seeing everyone again, not everyone was there but I am sure we will all be connecting again to share more fun times. I was running around with the camera filming everyone so I can reflect back upon my night with a huge smile & again more treasured memories.dan luka ant jeni

My last guest on Soul Work was Prashant Michael John.Prashant is a musician who also chants kirtan & mantras. I have been chanting for many years now & he invited me to come chanting so I took him up on his offer & went to Yoga Sarana & loved the energy. That night opened me up more on my healing journey. A new chapter opened for me. Thank you Prashant for the invite & also to the talented Vic Mehta & HRNR Sanghavasini Ananda,such heart felt soul to soul heart to heart beautiful people they are ! When I connect with someone in a heart to heart = soul to soul connection, they are indeed my true “Soul Tribe”.I will definitely be back! Namaste.chant pic use

So with my healing & transformation that is and has been taking place, I feel like I’ve taken steps backwards but know it’s moving me forward in a positive way. As I’ve said to my clients, for every 3 steps back wards, you take a giant step forward! Its divine timing when things come forth. Stay in that moment of your emotion and face it! Your fears will set your soul free. It’s all about doing the soul work, the work from within & listening to your inner guru. Take one step at a time & surrender with faith, unconditional love & acceptance. Stay in the NOW! I learnt that painfully after having 17 of my friends pass away & both my dogs from May 2014-Dec 2015,my brother in law Michael from the UK July 14 2016, then recently my dad Nov 28 2016.Love & appreciate what you have regardless of what it is as it can be taken away from you in a flash.

A big thank you also to Jill Maria Robinson at “Im Here With Magazine.” She wrote an article of me with a much longer article on line you can read. The article came out in the February 2017 Volume 1 and its sold at Chapters,Indigo stores Canada wide as of May .You can watch the episode with Jill and musician Joey Pringle on You tube as I had them on my show .They are both very talented musicians & dear friends of mine as here with

I went to the zoo on my birthday as I am also a animal communicator. I love connecting & chatting with the animals. It’s truly a gift of love & yet sadness at the same time as the messages I get from the animal kingdom are very blunt & heart felt which brings more tears & joy. I feel very honoured & blessed being in their presence. I found myself connecting more with the lions this time. They are fed up with the poachers & this is why you’ve heard & hearing more stories world wide of how animals are now attacking people to bring forth awareness in a broader universal level. They have had enough abuse from humans. I was holding back tears as it was a busy day. The majestic lion also said he shuts off the visitors as best as he can & tolerates the staff .They telepathically communicate with the animal kingdom in spirit and world wide. I felt “emptiness in his soul “& heard “enough is enough” .When can we be free!! He holds onto a lot of anger & emotion within. I saw the tears in him which also explains my holding onto tears of emotion which I’ve held onto from strength. The energy and messages they send out to each other is massive and deeply moving. No wonder my soul came back into this life time as a Leo born on Aug 12.Strength.I thanked the lion for his message with tears in my eyes and he nodded at me while we locked eye to eye heart to heart soul to soul.lion close up

I treated myself & bought 4 large Amethyst crystals as a birthday gift to me. Thank You for the profound message dad! A beautiful week filled with profound messages! We all have things we still need to heal, clear, & resolve etc that’s why we are here. There is no such thing as time & space. Do not be hard on yourself; we are only humans after all on our own journey of the soul for soul growth. With much tears & gratitude of having the gifts I do to help others & connecting with spirit & the animal kingdom for helping me now heal.buddah crystal stand

With love & light


Jeni Ji


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