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jeni shaw janAs I reflect back upon 2016 with tears in my eyes & sadness in my heart it has truly changed & transformed me in a profound way which has given me much insight, clarity & wisdom. One of the many lessons I learnt was how many people took me for granted, mislead & used me especially when I was very vulnerable. I was to busy looking after others & yet it was myself that was suffering & not listening to my own soul speak. What an awakening it was for me to finally see reality while in meditation. I am truly grateful & blessed for what spirit had shown me as I was lost & very alone. I was still coming to terms & healing with having both my dogs & 17 friends pass away from 2014-2015 plus balancing everything else out on my own. It was extremely over whelming, I was passing out while I was driving & still wonder how I survived & kept myself together etc.


emma jeni blogI had lost faith & asked spirit to take me, I was broken. Soon after I found myself battling a very serious health problem, I honestly did not care; I knew that would happen as I gave spirit permission to bring me home. I gave up hope & told Shaw TV that I am going away, to please put on a re run of my TV show Soul Work that I host & produce. I desperately needed space. My soul had been telling me to go to Kauai for a long time so I booked a flight. A week before I was flying to Kauai in April 2016, a glimmer of hope & faith appeared, someone from my past life connected with me. I knew he was from my past life as I can see my past life reincarnations etc.People come into your life at the right time for reasons. I started to get motivated to get my health back, regardless what the doctors told me. I refused to own that word, that disease they were saying. My goal was to walk into the specialist office on Oct 3 and the Dr asking me why are you here. That was my focus & intention. My dear friend Emma came with me to the specialist office for support when I told her a week before what I had been going through for the past few months. I honestly did not know what to expect. When I arrived the doctor looked at me & said “nothing showed up on the ultra sound, the cyst is gone”. I was in shock and told him how 3 other doctors had told me this and that etc.I was in dis belief.He examined me & said your ok Jeni.I just kept looking at him & said really ? Are you serious? The cyst is really gone? 3 weeks prior to my specialist appointment I had done a healing on my body myself. I saw white cloudy substance leave my body & I turned around & the clock said 11:11PM. I felt different; something had shifted and I knew something major just happened. I had being going for many types of healings & spent a fortune for a few months & did not notice anything but held the faith. It took me at least 3 weeks to realize I was going to be OK after getting the news from the doctor. That is when I learnt the profound way how we can heal our body by holding the vision & tuning into our etheric & physical body & calling upon the Holy Spirit & surrender. No words can express the night I did the healing on myself. Spirit started showing me bits & pieces of my future back in 2012.So far, from what they have shown me has happened, and happening now. It’s very interesting to say the least.

dad good dogsNov 28 2016 my dad passed away. He was 94 years old. I was with him holding his hand when he took his last breath telling him it’s OK; I had to be strong for my dad. I asked the angels to take him etc.I could not see him suffer anymore. He said God a few times. Either he was saying he was going to god, or he saw god. The minute he left his body, my nose started bleeding. He was known for his nose bleed problems for years & I knew that was his sign telling me he left his body. Dad is very much with me in spirit & has given me many physical signs that he is here for me. He was known as Father Bob to some, born & raised in Belfast N Ireland. I was grateful to write my dads obituary. RIP dad.jeni and dad

waves maui blog2017 is a year of new beginnings; I am embracing the new energy with optimism. Some of you may find that you’re still healing & releasing what no longer serves your higher self from 2016 & it’s important to surrender it & let it go. If you hold onto things from your past, it carries forth and doesn't go away until your ready to come to terms with things etc & it makes the journey more difficult. If we are truly not ready we stay where we are etc until we've learnt the lesson & or healed from it. We each have our own journey of the soul. Start asking yourself what is it that you want to manifest this year? The more you write down the more you will manifest as long as you hold the vision with love & light with pure intention for what’s best for your higher self, things will start to happen in synchronicity. Let things flow & do not try and force things to happen, allow things to happen naturally. What is truly meant to happen will happen. We can manifest the life we want if we work from the heart center with unconditional love & light. Some can feel left out, why do things happen for them and not me? Look at your intentions? Are they done out of motive? Or from your heart & soul? Is it truly your path to walk? Is it time to do more soul work from within?

jeni on mikI am making big announcements throughout this year on my new filming projects & very blessed & excited for this new opportunity. These projects are very dear to me in my heart & soul filled with unconditional love, compassion & awareness in a universal way. I am looking forward to this next stage of my journey. Follow your passion & never give up your dreams! Stay away from people who do not treat you with respect & be with your soul tribe who feel right for you. I am available for clairvoyant soul readings, past life akashic readings done in person locally or by phone & Skype & also home & spirit clearings. I clear negative energies that are still lingering about etc. I leave you now with an Irish Blessing I wrote for my dads obituary.

May The Roads Rise To Meet You
May The Wind Be Always At Your Back
May The Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face
The Rains Fall Soft Upon Your Fields
And Until We Meet Again
May God Hold You In The Hollow Of His Hand

With love & light,
Jeni Ji ...Namaste

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