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The Art Of Meditation

The Art of Meditation

Recentlyjenigoodatparty,Ive had many people come to me asking me how do I meditate Jeni ? I have such a busy schedule. My philosophy is, the busier your lifestyle, the more alone time you truly need to meditate to hear your “soul speak”. We can get caught up in a busy life style due to circumstances that are out of our control. This is when we need to take our power & energy back to create a healthier life style more balanced. When we get over whelmed with many responsibilities we can get off track. Confusion & illusion can then sometimes come in leaving us with a scattered mind set. The more scattered & cluttered our mind gets, the more we do not hear our soul speak, the voice within that is our” “inner guru”. How could you possibly know what direction to go if you’re constantly on the go? Is it not time to take some alone time for you ?


Themauisunset first thing I inform my students is “meditation takes time to learn”. It’s an art that takes time, patience & practice. Do not be hard on yourself; it’s a daily practice that needs to be done. Give yourself time to energetically ground your energy and to balance the mind and the heart together as one in order to see the light of your soul. Silence is key! And a must! The first time you meditate you may not get any information coming through & that’s O.K. It truly confirms how much clutter you have going on in your mind & thoughts.

Another point I mention to everyone is to be prepared to hear your soul speak the truth. The truth by far can hurt your ego as some are not ready to come to terms with things that need to be resolved. We cannot run from anything, it follows us energetically etc.Painful reality can be ending a relationship that no longer serves our higher self & or purpose for example. The truth shall set your soul free! The only way you will find peace within is to face situations & resolve them regardless how much it’s hurting you etc.Always have a honest heart to heart talk with your soul.You must face your fears that are holding you back in order to clear things. Surrender the situation to spirit once you have faced it & ask spirit for strength. Spirit will work with you when you surrender etc. When we face our fears we can then set our soul free & start our healing process. We are then able to move into our souls purpose and you will then hear your soul speak more clearly.

2016 is a year of completion which means that relationships,jobs,and or certain situations are coming to an end of a cycle, more deaths are prominent .Its a year for more soul searching. As some call it a “ dark night of the soul “.

How do I meditate then Jeni ? Do I need to be in a group in order to do that? No you don’t need to be in a group setting with people. You can meditate on your own by listening to a guided meditation Cd is what I suggest to beginners etc.Some people go for nature walks,exercise,work on a hobby they love to do, chanting, going for a drive, having a long bath etc.Some will listen to a guided meditation CD etc when they go to bed as they don’t have time during the day. The meditation will be downloaded into your subconscious mind with the delta waves. You will start to see the results soon. The last thing you should do before going to bed is watch anything negative on TV, as that is the last thing you will remember and bring that vibrational energy into your sleep.

Thekauaigoodone most important thing to do is have that alone time everyday, turn off your phones and have no distractions. If you live by water, go by a lake, river or the ocean as water represents our emotions; make sure you are drinking plenty of water to help with the clearing of any detox etc.The more alone time you have, the more your soul will speak to you to make the right decisions etc. Is Its not time to stop allowing others to drag you down with drama and or their problems which only creates negativity & unbalancing thoughts to occur etc.We awake in the morning and know our schedule for the day etc.For example,your going shopping today and have some things to get done but stop to see a friend for coffee and that friend etc talks about all their problems filled with fear & negativity etc.You then leave and go right home because you are so dragged down by their negativity that you have no energy left to get what you needed to do that day. Ponder on that ! I’m not saying to not be there for a friend in need how ever pay attention to where you go during the day which lifts you higher and or drags you down. What drags you down needs to change? Is it time to change your job ? your relationship with others etc You’re the only one that can make changes and how you do that is loving yourself enough to take the time to meditate to make the right changes etc, You are worth it!

With love & light,


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