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The Fall Has Arrived Time For Changes 2015

As we move into the autumn, we watch how beautiful the leaves on the trees start changing colours & feel the coolness of the nights settling in while drinking our pumpkin spiced lattes .It's important to accept change with open arms & surrender the energy to spirit with trust & faith. I feel many changes coming in many ways & when we do feel & see the changes, we need to stay grounded as best as we can energetically & surrender to your higher self to hear your soul speak. Clear out what no longer serves your higher self & ask yourself if you are truly happy ? What are you missing in your life that your not getting ? you are the only one who can make changes, we need to release the past to bring in the new. Some people do not like change but if we stay in situations where we are not at peace & loosing sleep with worry that's when we need to listen to our heart & soul speak to hear the truth. Change can be painful but if we do not resolve issues nothing changes & it brings disease & depression into our lives. We all go through cycles in life & need to accept change. If we stay stuck in our situation nothing moves forward, it creates more chaos. Once you make a decision, the universe works with you. Become one with your own soul & take your power back, your authentic empowerment ! Walk away from any & all negativity & completely distance away from drama ! Put aside fear & embrace peace ! Be aligned with your mind & heart to see clarity with your highest intention and surrender with no expectations & know all is well. Things happen for a reason. Our wounds make us stronger which brings out our true essence of our being of who we truly are.


" jeni oscar onsetSoul Work" started back up for my 3rd year on September 9 2015 on Shaw TV live at 6:30 Pm on Channel 10 every Wednesdays in Calgary. I am now hosting & producing my show on my own, spirit told me no more co hosts for a few reasons, so as you all know me, I do listen to spirit speak. September 16 2015 brought on my special guest star Oscar Lopez.Juno award winner twice around, known world wide for his beautiful Spanish guitar playing. Oscar was born & raised in Santiago Chile then he moved to Canada in 1979.He was inspired to start playing music when his mother & father took him to the Pentecostal church in Santiago Chile when he was 9 years old. He was drawn to the violin & mandolin & finally the guitar where he then found where his passion is. Oscar says you must have " humbleness" in your music & every song has to be transparent from my heart & soul. Oscar is a very passionate, unique & compassionate man filled with soulful energy which he brings out in all of his performances & also in his many Cd's.Oscar speaks of how his soul speaks to him through his music & when you hear his music, you will indeed hear & feel his emotions & energy come through each & every song. His music is his language which is a great therapy & tool to express his emotions he says. Oscar has just recently released his new Cd called " "Apasionado" after 10 years. His music has a certain "signature stamp" to it he says. I highly recommend that everyone buy his new CD,it's amazing ! It truly was a real honour interviewing him & for that I am very grateful & blessed. Thank You Oscar for being YOU & keeping it Real ! You can watch the interview on You Tube under Jeni Cousins and also on my website. To buy his Cd"s or to book him for events & concerts go to

jeni website fallTo book appointments with me you can call my booking agents at Self Connection Books & also New Age Book Store. I am at Self Connection every Saturday from 12-5 pm at 403 284 1486 at 4611 Bowness Rd NW Calgary & as of October 1,I will be at New Age Books in Kensington on Thursday, Friday & Sundays at various times at 142 10 ST NW at 403 270 7272 .Or you can book an appointment through my website on different days and times, just send me a email etc & please specify if you are from another country so I can get the time zones properly etc & we can communicate on Skype or Phone.

Sending love & light to you from my heart & soul,



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