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I Feel Ready To Be Open To Full Abundance Of Love, Joy, Wealth And Love. Will This Be Coming To Me Soon?

fuu j r2nJPbEYuSQ unsplashI feel ready to be open to full abundance of love, joy, wealth and love. Will this be coming to me soon?

Namaste Michelle and thank you for your questions!

It's interesting how you are asking these questions during this time. We just entered mercury retrograde season with 5 planets that are in retrograde with the cancer eclipse, new moon and the summer solstice. It’s a powerful cosmic time. Because you’re an old soul you will be feeling tired, anxious, you will have loss of sleep, mixed emotions and you could also have some trouble with your vision. Not intuition but your eyes. It's the energy of the cosmos that are realigning the sacred body mind and spirit. Let it go with trust.

I do see that you have healed many issues and have let go of the old. If anything, you should be dancing around with a group of women doing a witchy ceremony of release and celebration. Looking into your akashic records I do see the gypsy energy within your cellular memories while chanting to the energy of the moon of a rebirth for the goddess. I would be surprised if you're not doing something to this effect during this time. Laughter and dancing is very healing for you. To find joy you must surrender to the flow of the universe and let go. Trust spirit. Our soul feels who we are. Take advantage of this down time with the virus to do the things you are drawn to. The virus is a gift when we look at it’s magical abilities that it has shown us all. What needs to change, what is not working, etc. Reflection is very transformational for each of us, if we are paying attention, in order to transcend what we are no longer in alignment with. To change life, you must step out of your comfort zone by taking risks until your comfortable — then take more risks. Joy comes from within. You cannot find it in anyone else. Crisis can change your life to break free of the old and to push you into vibrational harmony when you surrender to the call of your soul.

Back in your previous witchy lifetime as mentioned above, you would do this celebration to bring in the new. Be careful what you wish for. You can manifest many things; however, do you really know what you want? What qualities are you looking for in a partner? What work are you creating to bring in wealth? Have you aligned your souls' purpose to bring forth wealth and abundance? In what way? This energy is very powerful, therefore I'm asking you to meditate and listen to your soul speak. The frequency you send out to the universe must be clear with no doubt or fear in order to manifest what you truly desire. You cannot force things to happen. If you do then you will attract the wrong energy to you and settle and possibly regret your decision. The cosmic energy will show you more of your souls' purpose and signature. Be open.

I do see you meeting someone, when you least expect it. In your witchy days you would magically manifest many things to you and karmically pay the price. When your heart is aligned with soul and you know what you truly want with truthful purpose you will feel it. I am saying this because you have abilities yourself and need to detach from outcomes. You can say out loud to spirit, “this is what I want,” and manifest it but if you're not in alignment –it will not stay. What are your inner dimensional visions showing you when you are meditating? If you are not seeing or hearing soul, then that’s a clear indication you must take more time for you in order to feel, see and know within the truth. The greatest peace is unity within the stillness of your heart and soul.

The partner I see you with is not ready to appear. His energy is very heavy right now and will be for some time. He is currently going through a major transformation and wants solitude away from his tribe. In fact, it would be a few years yet until you connect with him. You will meet someone before him and may even decide that this new partner is ok. He will be a breath of fresh air to you. He has a warlock dominant energy and you will feel the chemistry in a strange way with him. He has a deep voice with darker features, which brings me back to your Mayan days of initiation. You will feel that familiarity with them. This new person will push you into some modality of healing and a different way of thinking and you will teach each other. He is very open and a free spirit.

You belong to or will soon get involved with a new group that he is connected with. He will travel and come out to see you as long as he can stay with you. It will be your decision. He may be a bit younger than you and I can see you laughing with a big smile. Enjoy and flow with grace. He could live in the USA. Who you are looking for is looking for you. Keep your heart open and remember you attract who you are. Allow life to come to you with ease and flow. Freedom of spirit is nonattachment to anyone or anything. Align with the flow of divine timing and you will see the magical golden doors of love opening. Sat Nam.

Unconditional divine love is what holds us together as one worldly cosmic consciousness. I am one with god. God is one with me.

With love & light,

Jeni Ji

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