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Will My Person Reach Out And Will We Be More Than Just Friends?

alex iby LaHo9Set3bI unsplashWill Jack Reach Out and Will We Be More Than Just Friends?

Namaste Jennifer and thank you for your question. The first thing I picked up from your energy was anxiety. You are picking up on so much energetic chaos worldly that you want to reach out and help and protect everyone especially the ones you truly care about. When your mind is cluttered you will not see clarity. You will only see confusion and feel a disconnected from spirit. You are indeed missing Jack and not only that, a huge piece of your soul is and has been calling you for some time to make cosmic shifts. You are a runaway healer and warrior. When I look back into your soul’s collective you are always the one wanting to heal others and ignore your own stuff.

Before we chat about you connecting or not connecting with Jack, let’s chat about your evolution of consciousness and get you back grounded and centered. As I look through your souls past life akashic records, the warrior is coming through and will come through more and more as you move into a new cycle that is soon coming. I see the viking, military, united peace keeper energy within your souls vibration and you will find that you want to start speaking out more to allow your voice to be heard. You are not quite ready yet. You feel you must be around others for now which is ok. We all have karmic cycles and lessons to go through.

Transformation takes time and your soul will show you signs. Your energy will be pulled towards, “a mission to conquer in the world - to help protect, serve and be of service.'“ You are an immensely powerful person. You have been a male in more lifetimes than a female and that’s why you can feel the dominant coming through more but yet that motherly care to love and protect. Also know that if energy does not resonate with your soul, it’s not part of your vibrational frequency.

When you keep hearing you soul wanting you to reach out to someone or to do something, “especially more then three times pay attention.” It’s your soul guiding you. The kingdom of God within is talking to you and it is powerful. With the world events right now, it has guided you to reach out more. Make sure you are calm when you are listening to your soul speak. When your mind is all over the place, you will not hear messages clearly. This is when you need the space and quiet time to surrender and not control or force the answer. Stress is another name for fear. When you are stressed, you are fearing something.

Stay aligned in the vibration of love and faith and know that your angels are with you, and surrounding you in a circle of light. I also feel and hear a grandmotherly or woman who passed on a long time ago. Her energy is very much around you and she is holding onto a cross, mala or religious chain of some sort looking over you and sending calm energy your way with prayers. I can hear her saying a prayer and humming a song healing you while sending a vibrational healing onto your crown chakra to calm you down. Ponder and reflect upon when you feel a presence around, especially when you thought you felt someone touch your head.

I do see that Jack is going through a major transformation and set back. He is not sure what direction to go. He has people around him which is making things difficult and he is confused and emotional. He is feeling scattered, sad, anger and abandoned in a few ways. He holds pain within his heart and has his guard up. That is the past life warrior in him and also how you both connected and met in a previous life time. He tends to hold back his true feelings for you due to abandonment and trust issues. It’s easier for him to try and numb pain with addictions. Addictions are caused from deep pain. Keep in mind, we all have our own journey and path to walk upon and we cannot judge anyone as we all have karmic lessons to learn and go through.

Feel free to reach out to him when it feels right. However, start by listening to the light of your soul speak the inner dimensional cosmic truth. When your attached to someone you will not be able to read their energy accurately due to emotions. You will be able to zoom into his energy and see and feel where he is at, and where his mind is when you are detached from his energy. Ask spirit to give him the clarity he needs to help him on his journey with ease and grace.

When you are overwhelmed, meditate on what emotions are coming to the surface then go deep within the energy to transcend. I teach others how to open their abilities to hear their soul speak. This is just a mini short lesson on how to start the process. I am saying this to you because you are an old soul that has come back to help and serve others.

Rebirth is the baptism of the divine light and consciousness of the eternal soul. The light of eternity within awaits.

With Much love and light,

Jeni Ji Cousins

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