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What Has My Yorkie Been Trying To Tell Me?

showcase 2Morley Wright: What has my beautiful little yorkie puppy Chevy been trying to tell me?

Namaste Morley and thank you for your question on your yorkie.

The message I keep hearing from Chevy is, “ I’m free, I’m free, I’m free! I’m free as a bee and I am right beside you dad so please don’t be sad and let go of any guilt you’re holding onto. You did the right thing and you know in your heart it was the right time. I was struggling and wanted to be strong for you, however it was my time to go. I am free as a bee and look out for my yellow ball/toy that will be me and pay attention to when you feel me beside you cuddled up. I have not left your side. Know that I will be with you everyday, especially in May and August. Pay attention to the signs that I am with you and by your side through the tears and especially during your celebration in May. I want you to stop taking life so seriously and have fun! Stay aligned in simplicity and let go.”

“I will be sending another special puppy your way soon that you will bond with and you will know who it is as soon as you meet each other. Look into their eyes and you will see the light of their soul, the twinkle in their eyes is a wink from me that I was with your new companion before they came into this world so you will know we are one with spirit guiding each other from eternity of light and love. I am a helper guiding other animal souls who are sick on the earth plain. Love is the essence of soul! We are all one guiding each other home with open arms of grace and trust. Look for the bigger dog that will come and say hello to you and that will also be me. You will see the twinkle in their eyes. Look at the stars and watch for signs including the star at Christmas time. Twinkle twinkle little star is my nick name in heaven.”

“So when you feel my energy dad, know its me and don’t second guess that it’s not. I have never left you, just call my name or think of me and pay attention to the messages I have for you. Listen to the whisper of your heart and surrender in love.” Love Chevy.
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