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I Am Hoping To Lead A Retreat, Is This Spring A Good Time?

ben lowe sqdY rJg8wg unsplashI am hoping to lead a retreat this spring and I am wondering if this is a good time to lead a retreat. I was really excited about it and everything seemed to be working out and everything seemed in alignment. I found an amazing local to help with the planning, who I have never met in person, but who seems amazing. But now, I am having trouble geting people to sign up. I have one person who has committed and a few who say they are inerested, but I am getting a bit nervous now. I am wondering if this is the wrong time to do this retreat?

Namaste Crystal and thank you for your questions. I am definitely feeling the vibe of wisdom teachings and adventures in your energy field, guiding others along with you on a new cosmic international journey. Oh la la. Following your passions from soul is key! However, what I keep hearing from spirit is: this spring is not the right time for this specific retreat. 2021 feels much better for many reasons. You may even find that towards the end of this year, things will look more promising for abundance in 2021. Visualize the magic already happening in perfect diving timing and most importantly keep things simple.

I would suggest creating a smaller group later this year then expand it into 2021, as I do see 2 big retreats coming in 2021 that you will be planning and it will expand into other countries. 2022 is indeed busier. Reflect and set the retreat for this autumn 2020 and start the process now. We are currently in mercury retrograde the perfect time to reset. Retrograde represents RESET. Giving others more notice to plan and get funds together is your best bet right now. Many are interested in going but they are holding back due to the economic worldly situation and especially this new coronavirus. I see you adding these new retreats onto a website or creating a brand new website with a lot of photos with retreats offered. You will see it grow. Remember that spirit protects us and delays things to happen if its not the right timing. When others see testimonials and many photos, they will get more drawn into your retreats. Give it time and patience.

This coronavirus has created fear and many are no longer traveling, or putting their travel plans on hold until it gets under control better. When we over think situations, we do not see clarity, we only see cluttered scattered thoughts from our ego. Go with ease of grace, with patience and your consciousness will expand. Your third eye “the eye of Shiva,” will give you more clarity of truth and awareness with a Trataka Meditation. Acknowledge any and all fears, and go within the essence of soul to transcend and let it go. Facing your fears will bring forth freedom and liberation to your soul.

When you are on the retreat, your dog in spirit will very much be with you especially when you are climbing in the hills. You very well could add the name of your dog who is in spirit onto your new business some how. On your sacred journey you will discover more of who you are and soul will be taking you to places and situations that will completely touch your soul. Gratitude will bring tears forth of letting go and also a healing. As I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes. It reminds me of your akashic records when you were a mountain climber with your dog, as you have had other past lives with him being right by your side. He has saved your life when you were hurt while climbing, as he went for help for you. When in meditation ask to be shown your past life journey with your dog in the mountains and be open for what will be shown. No wonder you are drawn to certain mountains. Ponder on that. The sacred powerful unity of the animals, of oneness.

When I channel energy from Christ consciousness, I never know what information will come through while reading your vibration and your souls path. Celebrate your success as its God’s grace and part of your journey. I see children from villages surrounding you when you are on your travels who will touch your heart and soul with profound messages, especially when you look into their eyes. You will feel their souls .Do not brush off any coincidences, especially when you think you see your dog in spirit walk past you. That is his way to let you know he is with you always and one of your spirit guides from wolf. A’HO!

You will be stepping out of your comfort zone at times. Just remember that your vulnerability is your strength and TRUST thy sacred wisdom within. The grace of God comes suddenly when we surrender with flow and ease. You will feel a warm vibration of universal presence surrounding you.

Keep in mind that when we try to force or control situations - the tides of emotions and clarity flows against us. Let go and allow God to take over when in doubt.

I am feeling a universal global movement coming through on your new journey! You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it! Transcend into the awareness of the cosmic hierarchy knowing all is coming together in unity.

Keep me posted on your retreats! You never know when it’s divine timing for Jeni Ji ,I may just join you ! Now that would be a cosmic celebration!

Om Namah Shivaya …… Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah


With Love,

Jeni Ji


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