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Do You Know When The Soul Enters The Physical Body Here On Earth?

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Do you know when the soul enters the physical body here on earth? I've read it happens at the time of conception and I've read it happens just before the baby's birth.

Hi Fonda and thank you for your question. This is such a great question.

Keep in mind that soul is atma, the eternal self. Before there is any conception, the soul already knows which parents and family they are going to before they are even born. We have a meeting with our ascended masters and source the holy spirit, and we go over our past karma. We then decide as a cosmic collective group consciousness which family and situation we want to go to, in order to do our best to clear and resolve past life karmic issues. Some of us can clear karma, but most run from it due to the pain and suffering it brings forth. However, you cannot run from karma. That is why we are here on earth. We all have karma to resolve and one of the biggest karmic clearing is family. The bigger your family, the more karma there is to clear, with each family member.

Clearing past life karmic issues, especially with the parents (family) we choose to go to can be a hard transition for the soul. Once conception is done through cosmic cells creating the fetus, the fetus can linger in and out of it’s mother’s womb.

Some mothers have a hard pregnancy and it can be a sign of what to expect from their child. This is because the soul already knows their life to be, and so this can cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Why do you think we all come out of our mother’s womb kicking and screaming? Souls are not afraid to die, they are afraid to be born.

Here is a personal example. When I was pregnant with my son, I had a very difficult pregnancy. My now ex-husband and I lived in the country and he had to rush me to the hospital due to some complications I was having. On our way to the hospital, our truck broke down in the middle of nowhere, right in front of a cemetery. We had no cell phones and I was left alone late at night while he went to get help. OMG! To make a long story short without going into details, my son and I have a very karmic relationship.

Some souls will enter their mother and stay with them longer because they can feel that soulmate connection and know who they are. Some will enter the womb to co-create their physical body but jump back and forth to the holy spirit to visit and stay with their spirit family until they are informed it’s time to come out of the birth canal. The fetus is created from many molecules and star planets combined into one big cosmic physical energy in order to come out in physical form. While the energy is being formed in the womb, the fetus does not have to be present for the full 9 months, it comes and goes when it’s needed. We are made from a cosmic galactic formula from the holy spirit and cosmic karmic energy to create our conscious evolution.

Some mothers have said, ”I knew the minute my child was conceived.” I knew the second my son was conceived. I had that strong quantum feeling of knowing. Have you ever had that feeling that there is a presence of some sort around you shortly before you get pregnant? The soul watches to see who their mother and family will be, so they hang out with their perspective mother and family, to get to know them better.

When we have cravings for the ole” pickles and ice cream or food that we never normally eat…Western medicine says it is hormones and yes, I believe that is true. But it is also the child showing the mother what types of food they will enjoy. I used to enjoy seafood before I was pregnant but once I became pregnant, I was allergic to it. When my son was born, we found out that he was allergic to seafood.

A mother can also have a turbulent pregnancy and have no karmic issues with their child. And one can have a normal pregnancy and have a very karmic child. It is very important to write down the time of birth as a Vedic Jyotish astrology chart can be done on the child, to give them a better understanding of their karmic cosmic universal awareness.

Open your heart to love and surrender the outcome. The kingdom of heaven is within!!


Jeni Ji

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