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I Need Some Help With Connecting To My Mother In Spirit!

davide cantelli H3giJcTw w unsplashI need some help with connecting to my mother in spirit...

I would like to connect with my mother. We had a bit of a turbulent relationship when she was alive and when she passed, I felt a lot of anger there. I hardly ever dream about her and feel like I have lost connection with her. How can I have more of a connection with her?

Hello Jill and thank you for your question regarding your mother in spirit.

As I started reading your collective conscious vibrational energy field, I kept hearing your mum coming through saying how proud she is of you and how you are coming into your cosmic destiny. She especially acknowledges your courage, strength and determination. Transend and move through anything or anyone that is not in alignment with supporting you in a positive manner. Let the past go with much reflection as wisdom of your sacred soul. She keeps saying sacred. Know your worth. She wants you to be open to new experiences and follow your passion.

Notice when it rains how it feels like light feathers. Feathers are very prominent with her energy as it is like fairy sprinkles of light. Have you noticed when your alone and its raining that sometimes it feels magical and you get emotional? Take time to pause and reflect when you feel her energy during that time as she has a message for you. Water represents emotions, let it go. I am also hearing the sparkle of snow falling this winter with a twinkle from a star. You have so many gifts and abilities to share with the world and you will soon see the healer you are … especially with children. Exercising and yoga are very healing for you. Especially for your subtle body which holds onto trauma.

Working with children by healing them is your gift! It takes me back to your past life as I read your akashic records when you would travel to poor countries and help the villages by healing them when you were a doctor. That is why you are currently drawn to the medical field of studies. There is a man soon coming from your previous life that you’ve recently connected with. I see a long white coat. You will feel the familiarity with him and be drawn to his culture. Stay in alignment with the flow of harmony. When you are resisting you will stop the flow. Pay attention.

After Princess Diana had passed away, she came to me with a profound message and it took me a while to figure out what her message was for me. Since then she comes around every now and then with messages. As I started writing this, I heard her come through saying Jill’s gift and purpose is to heal children. Transmute the unity of universal love. Serve at your highest capacity from your heart. Spirit is restoring your soul.

Your connection with your mum was turbulent … yes and she wants you to know it was not you. She had a very hard time dealing with things. She would numb her emotions to run away from reality and was not happy in the marriage for many reasons. She loved you very much but because she was not happy within her being, she numbed her emotions with addictions. She did not feel worthy and her self esteem was low. She felt very alone and when she tried to talk about her feelings others would ignore her which prompted her energy to change into depression. She did not know how to raise and transcend her vibration and was having an identity crisis with her ego. She felt very disconnected and fear came in which unbalanced her. She was constantly looking for love as she felt alone.

Your dad’s spirit just came to me. His message is: “I am very proud of you and miss you.” He has regrets when he was alive, he wished he could have changed how things were. He is showing me Christmas and saying how everyone is together in spirit and with you always. As I write this, I have tears in my eyes with the love everyone is showing me they have for you. It’s very overwhelming. You will feel your family’s energy strong this December as they are celebrating you! Especially on your birthday you will feel their energy stronger.

I never know who comes through in a reading as I stay in the very moment of the now. When others come through and have a message, I pass their message onto you. They won’t leave me alone until I do. Your dad is also saying how there will be an opportunity for you to travel and study aboard, and to look further into it when it comes up. You can connect with your mum at anytime, she is always with you. I see her arms embracing and holding you during your sad times and she wants you to release anything that is out of balance and not in alignment. She wants you to follow your heart. You’re on a transformational healing journey of soul and your conscious awareness is expanding to cosmic universal love, light and healing.

I would suggest meditating everyday. Meditation will bring forth much conscious awareness into your collective consciousness to hear your soul speak and to get messages from your mother. Listen to the sacred sound of silence to hear messages. Ask her to give you physical signs and spiritually surrender it. Do not force any messages to come forth. Let it go. You will find that once you let go of the anger you will get more messages from her. Your abilities are increasing she says, and you can tap into the cosmic universal consciousness and hear and feel messages from others. Have you noticed that?

Consciously recognize that for your collective good, shift your perception into flow. Stay in alignment with your heart, the cosmic spirit of love. Soul is and has been preparing you for your healing journey. Vulnerability is your strength. Listen to the calling of your soul.

Om Shanti Om,

Jeni Ji

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