Hello everyone and welcome!

wellness-13290751I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! This sure has been a very magical Christmas for me in a few ways and I am truly blessed and grateful and give thanks to "Spirit" in a huge way. Have you all started on your New Years resolutions yet? LOL. I always inform people that you should start your resolutions the day after your birthday because its your day after all not the world in general. It’s more personal to do it on your birthday, but that's just how I think. Making resolutions are very exciting to reflect back to see what changes you want to indeed make in your life!

As some of you already know, I host & produce a weekly TV show called "Soul Work". It’s on live every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM Mountain time, on the Shaw TV Access Network Channel 10 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The show started on September 18 2013 and has been extended until end of March 2014. Our last show of the season was December 18, 2013. That was our Christmas show and Kim and I gave some of our predictions. The new season starts Wednesday January 8 live again at 6:30 PM. All shows are on YouTube so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel under Jeni Cousins and you can indeed catch up on all the shows you have missed. My co-host is Kimberly Buckler and she is a loving genuine woman with many gifts to offer society. She is a reiki master & intuitive reader and I am blessed to have her on my show. I had many people wanting to be my co-host, but I felt Kim would fit in nicely because of her genuine heart & soul and her compassion she has towards others, with no ego at all. We both go back into past life with each other and I said to Kim in my past life that I would indeed meet up with her again in this life time because she saved my life in a huge way. Thank You Kim! xxo

On my show, I book guests and interview them. They have had profound spiritual experiences to share with our viewers, holistic healers of all modalities, paranormal groups. The guests either come to the TV studio or interviews are done via Skype. After the interview we take calls from our viewers who ask either myself or Kim a question. Because we have many callers on hold, we can only provide you with a short answer. We cannot elaborate on the questions due to so many other callers on hold. You can always book an appointment to see either of us if need be. Our call in number is: 403-539-6710. We will soon be up on the Shaw TV website with a bio for both Kim and myself with a photo, coming soon. You can go to www.shawtv.ca. I again would like to thank Shaw TV and all the crew who have been apart of my journey on filming "Soul Work". No words can express my gratitude or how blessed and grateful I am to be able to have this incredible opportunity! Thank You! xxo

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