Mantras & Chanting

Mantras and Chanting are done through sound & vibration.

wellness-romantic-style-12687684It sends out powerful energy to the Universe & it's over 8000 years old to the Vedic times. When invoking mantras, it brings us closer to God & clears your mind, body and soul, and is also another way for meditation. You can meditate while chanting" The Gayatri Mantra"; it's an ancient Hindu Mantra.

With so many wars, conflicts & turmoil our Universe has and will go through destruction, has created global warming, extreme weather changes,(hurricanes, flooding, etc.) which has created many diseases through the depletion of the energy on a global mass. Greed, power, ignorance, manipulation are all negative energies and this is how this all got started. What ever happened to love and compassion in a human being I ask myself?

With chanting the right mantra with a group of people, this sends out powerful unconditional love & healing energy to the Planet Earth & human beings on a Universal Level. This is why group work is so important, AKA (World Servers). When our emotions are purified they develop into love & compassion. With regular practice, you will start to notice a big difference in your being, which will help heal thy wounds to purify your soul.

You can use any word or sound to invoke mantras or chanting. There are many to use, depending on which ones you are drawn to.

For example:

There are many types of mantras to invoke, a word, a phrase, a sentence to use. I have now been chanting mantra's for many years now and have notice a big difference in my life in so many ways. Music has always been a huge part of my life and will continue to be for the rest of my life. It has helped me tremendously to make many decisions by chanting & invoking mantras on a daily basis.

Namaste... (The wisdom, light & love in my soul respects the wisdom in your soul)