When Or Will My Life's Soul Purpose Begin? And, How Do I Go About It?

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I am wondering about my soul life and journey. I have made many attempts to do my life's purpose and met with failure repeatedly and tire of my day to day job. My mother passed in January of this year and I feel this cleared some energy for me. When or will my life's soul purpose begin? And, how do I go about it?

Namaste Lily and thank you for your question!

I am not surprised at all that you are going through these changes. As I reflect back upon the evolution of your souls journey, I can see that you have been struggling for a while with “where do I go” and “what do I do,“ etc. Believe it or not, you are right on track. Soul has shown you for a while that things are no longer the same. Your life has been changing. You have been feeling that you are going backwards and not forward. It’s time to stop the struggle with force and control of how you should change things. The more pressure you put on yourself the less you will see…

This is a year that you are moving in a different direction and you need to listen to your heart and let go of ego, which is holding you back out of fear. You are very creative and independent and you have the wolf spirit energy in you from a previous life. You are good at recruiting and working with a team and making things happen when you are following your passion. That is the wolf in you that is trying to come forth. The spirit of the wolf in you is saying for you to look in the mirror into your eyes, not any other parts of your face - only your eyes. That is the light of your soul. You will see your soul in your eyes, that will make you feel uncomfortable. Confront your fears and ask yourself what are you afraid of? When you are feeling uncomfortable, allow the tears to come and ask soul to show you “who you are,” and “what your life purpose is.” Look into the light of your soul and do not force the answer to come forth. Do not run from it, confront it! Surrender and you will start to hear your soul speak. When things are flowing, you are on the right path.

I also see you writing, keep a journal close by you to write your thoughts down as you are going through a deep soul transformation, transcending your past. Soul is energetically bringing forth more “dark nights of the soul,” reflections on purpose during this time from past experiences for you to do much reflection to allow healing to take place. Take more time out for you and spend good quality alone time to hear your soul speak. The wolf spirit is coming forth more to help push out the old and embrace the new. Transmute any and all fear with the energy of the wolf.

Go for walks in nature away from the city and turn your phone on mute. I see butterflys around you giving you messages that transformation is happening and there is nothing to worry about. Watch for 555. You will be doing presentations, workshops, public speaking, etc. You have many gifts of wisdom to share with others. You are very creative with designs. I see you independent and self employed, when you are ready to embrace your power and trust the spirit of the wolf!

Start creating a vision board and write down what your passions are and where and what you would like to be doing or starting by December 2019. Do you want to be working for someone? Or be independent? What are your passions?

Time to step out of your comfort zone! What you do on a day to day basis determines your future! Ponder on that.

Your mother wants you to follow your heart! She wants you to take your power back and she says, “Lily, know your worth.” She is very much with you in spirit! Always.

Have compassion for yourself. Honor and trust the wisdom of your soul!

With love and light,

Jeni Ji